Leaders share their real-world business strategies

Deloitte’s LinkedIn Live series explores business transformation amid disruption

Business leaders are facing a volatile environment. Complexity is rising, certainty is falling, and disruptions are more frequent. How can they keep up with this constant change? By embracing it. In our LinkedIn Live series, business leaders share their strategies for navigating digital disruption to drive transformation.

Deloitte’s “Transform.Rinse.Repeat.” LinkedIn Live series

Business strategies for digital disruption

Transform.Rinse.Repeat. is a series of real-world stories about how business leaders navigate their companies through disruption of all kinds. Change is the only constant in today’s environment, and digital disruptions are more frequent, complex, and uncertain. How can companies remain resilient? By staying competitive, adapting, and changing. We approach business transformation by understanding the implications, combining analytics-informed strategy with advanced tech. This series is an opportunity for us to see how other leaders and companies approach disruption through their own experiences and lessons learned.

Join us the final Thursday of each month as Rich Nanda, US Strategy & Analytics Offerings Leader, hosts a client executive to discuss competitive business strategy and enterprise transformation.

To navigate the future with confidence, organizations need to make clear, timely and inspirational choices that deliver growth in a dynamic, disrupted world. Deloitte's strategy practitioners combine deep industry insights with cutting edge methods to help leaders resolve their most critical decisions, create resilient business advantage, and achieve transformational success. With a 30-year history of helping businesses grow, Deloitte does not bring a pre-packaged answer, but instead co-innovates with you to identify where to play, how to win there, and how to future-proof your business model.

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