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Why technology is the strategic issue of our time

And what CEOs and their leadership teams need to do about it

A broad set of robust and rapidly maturing technologies—from cloud to artificial intelligence (AI) to 5G—is rapidly and fundamentally changing what is possible for companies and how they compete. Explore the five myths CEOs need to break to lead successful technology transformation.

Technology disruption as a strategic issue

Winning in today’s market requires teams to go beyond using technology for the core of their businesses. It requires chief executive officers (CEOs) and their teams to actively and aggressively build new businesses, business models, products, and services using these powerful, rapidly maturing technologies, and it requires breaking through five myths that permeate management thinking in this space.

Why technology is the strategic issue of our time

Five myths that permeate management thinking

Strategically harnessing technology requires breaking through five myths that permeate management thinking. Believing in a single myth impedes an organization’s prospects for growth and breakthrough thinking. Buying into multiple of these myths can erase those opportunities altogether.

CEO keys to successful technology optimization

What does this mean for CEOs? And what should they and their teams do?

In our experience working with leading tech companies (and tech-savvy traditional companies in a variety of industries), we have identified six C-suite level actions that can help companies win by successfully harnessing technology disruption:

  • Focus on technology’s business impact rather than the technology itself.
  • Don’t mistake experimentation for business strategy.
  • Develop business strategy at digital speed.
  • Favor sensing over forecasting.
  • Innovate with your ecosystem.
  • Collaborate on technology activities across the C-suite.

Embracing technology disruption

The influence and impact of disruptive technologies is the strategic issue of our time. Regardless of what industry you are in—or what parts of the company you manage—technology can disrupt what you do. Waiting to see how things shake out—or delegating all technology issues to the CIO—is no longer a viable option for today’s CEOs and their teams.

To lead effectively in an increasingly tech-enabled world, C-suite leaders should personally understand and embrace technology disruption then proactively develop new strategies and collaborate across the C-suite to ensure technological innovations are working for their company, not against it.

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