Moving forward in reverse

A dedicated channel for reverse logistics

Reverse logistics, the process of returning goods from customers to a retail or manufacturing source, is an increasingly important, yet often undermanaged business function. Returns represent a growing cost of doing business today, and they present unique challenges that are separate from traditional forward-moving distribution channels. For this reason, attempting to manage reverse logistics through forward logistics channels can be costly and increase complexity.

​A dedicated reverse logistics channel is a practical alternative that can drive significant business value, potentially reducing the cost of handling returns. As businesses seek new ways to gain competitive advantage, the often-overlooked returns function can be a practical source of cost-cutting and revenue generation.

Download the PDF to learn more about the potential benefits to be gained from having a dedicated reverse logistics channel.

Moving forward in reverse: A dedicated channel for reverse logistics

A dedicated channel for reverse logistics is the first step to converting returns from a cost center to a profit center.

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