Redefining the “partnership paradigm”

More sustainable capacity building programs

Defining “new” partnership paradigms has been a focus of development literature for decades. Yet current partnerships in development settings are still often characterized by a power imbalance in which external specialists maintain complete control and ownership over capacity building efforts.

The ENCAP approach

Deloitte Consulting LLP, lead implementer of the USAID-funded Enhancing Nigerian Capacity for AIDS Prevention (ENCAP) Project, aims to provide the tools and technical assistance that can support Nigerian organizations (“Organizations”) in their efforts to deliver high-quality HIV prevention programs and interventions in a cost-effective, sustainable manner.

The ENCAP approach operationalizes a new partnership paradigm that is systematically reinforced in every project activity and demonstrates how jointly defining and then operationalizing a Partnership Paradigm at the start of a project can quickly and tangibly lead to greater local ownership of capacity building efforts and improved capacity outcomes.

Download the PDF to discover results of this approach, based on observations of ENCAP project staff and self reports of Organizations’ staff.

Redefining the “Partnership Paradigm”
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