Banking & Capital Markets

Operational excellence

As a climber nears the summit, his skill, discipline, and attention to detail become increasingly important. Banks face a similar imperative on the back side of the financial crisis: sustained growth is vital, but risk and cost management are essential. Perhaps more than ever before, operational excellence can be the link between these three competing forces.

New heights

Deloitte’s Banking & Capital Markets Operations practice works with financial institutions to help them build the operational infrastructure required for profitable, risk-appropriate growth in today’s economy and regulatory environment. With a deep understanding of financial services business models, economics, and regulations both in the US and abroad, we help banks and securities firms address both discrete problems and broad-based transformational challenges.

Banking & Capital Markets Operations services

  • Branch performance improvement – identifying and addressing areas of branch operations that can be improved through more efficient processes and technologies.
  • Back-office service optimization – improving back-office operations, including service levels, work flow, data management, and use of third-party processing.
  • Product service assessment and enhancement – driving profitable customer relationships through additional or improved products and services.
  • Channel performance improvement – enhancing channel performance through improved product design.

Potential bottom-line benefits

  • Profitable growth with an acceptable risk profile
  • Operational improvement
  • Product and service efficiency improvements
  • Effectively scaled operations that facilitate product and channel operations
  • Improved customer experience

An institution's ability to deliver on its growth strategies in the current economic and regulatory environment relies heavily on operational excellence. Many financial institutions need a fresh perspective on ways to build that foundation.