Retail Operations

Understanding customer needs and desires

A skilled chess player not only plans moves far in advance, but designs those moves to influence an opponent's decisions. Similarly, in brick-and-mortar retail locations the broader customer engagement strategy is built around a keen understanding of customer needs and desires. Retailers create an inviting environment, place the right products in the right location, and promote them effectively to influence shopper behavior.

Astute moves

Deloitte’s Retail Operations practice works with retail executives to develop and validate operational excellence strategies and then implement them across stores and channels. We help retailers map the customer experience from initial contact through post-purchase service. By tying what customers say to their actual behaviors in a store, we gain valuable insights into the behaviors—by both customers and store associates—that drive conversion. We then use those insights to refine plans for how store associates are deployed, when and how they interact with customers, and where and how technology can be used to reinforce their efforts.

Retail Operations services

  • Service excellence defining an effective customer service strategy and developing the resources and capabilities in-store to deliver on that strategy.
  • Store operations excellence assessing and refining the many aspects of store operations, from managing product arrivals through sales and customer service.
  • Technology optimization assessing a retailer's current use of technology across operations to identify opportunities for improvement and areas in which emerging technologies might play a role.
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Potential bottom-line benefits

  • Improve labor costs
  • Improve profitability
  • Increase sales
  • Improve customer satisfaction scores
  • Improve associate engagement scores

Operational excellence drives continual improvements in customer experience and drives profitability.

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Rodney R. Sides

Rodney R. Sides

Vice Chair & US Leader | Retail & Distribution

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