State Government Strategy and Operations

Operational transformation

In unfamiliar territory, explorers face many decisions that can impact the duration and outcome of a journey. Operational transformation can present similar considerations for state government officials. Increasing public demand for service levels akin to the private sector, aging citizen populations, and rising healthcare costs are external forces to be reckoned with. At the same time, many state officials are dealing with funding shortages, issues associated with talent attraction and retention, and inconsistent statewide data sharing and technology integration.

The path home

The dedicated public sector specialists in Deloitte’s State Government Strategy and Operations practice work with state officials to help develop and effectively implement a transformation roadmap. We understand mission-centric organizations and how to apply private-sector tactics where required to enable desired outcomes. Our multidisciplinary approach incorporates analytics, cost reduction, business model transformation, change management, communications, and process transformation.

State Government Strategy and Operations services

  • Operating model review and redesign
  • Performance improvement (program and back office)
  • Cost reduction and strategic sourcing
  • Revenue enhancement
  • Agency and program consolidation and integration 
  • Shared services design and implementation
  • Finance transformation
  • Cost-benefit analysis

Potential bottom-line benefits

  • Savings on addressable spend
  • Shorter administrative and financial transaction processing times through improved service delivery models
  • Improved citizen satisfaction 
  • Simplified business processes
  • Enhanced financial controls
  • New knowledge capture and transfer capabilities
  • Streamlined regulatory compliance

Understanding, at a macro level, the issues surrounding transformation is one thing; devising strategies and detailed plans for addressing the issues is another thing entirely.