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Water, Energy, and Environment

Driving renewable outcomes and solutions

In the past, businesses have generally viewed water as a minimal operational cost and not a strategic issue. However, water has now emerged as a critical economic, environmental, and social issue for both corporations and the public sector in response to increased water demand, climatic risks and potentially negative impacts on brand value.

What we offer

With over 100 projects in 25 countries, we work closely with our clients to understand their ultimate goals as a company and design customized solutions to achieve short- and long-term objectives with meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements.

Particular areas of focus include: 

  • Water stewardship
  • Access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Solutions to the food, energy, and water nexus through innovative collaborations and technologies

Issue to Impact: Water risk management

The Issue:
This client was concerned that its inconsistent water-related risk reporting among its business units globally, as well as a perceived lack of awareness of water-related risks, were leading to inaction in potentially vulnerable areas. The client asked Deloitte to help review, assess, and improve the diverse strategies being employed by the business units to evaluate current and potential future water-related risks and mitigation strategies.

Our Impact:
Deloitte undertook a number of activities to address the key client issue. Our team evaluated the range of models and practices currently being employed across the business units, and conducted interviews of selected business units to understand the processes used for assessing and mitigating short- and long-term water-related risk. We established a structured ability matrix to understand approach similarities, gaps, and effective practices across 10 water risk assessment categories and 35 dimensions, among other key activities. We also recommended a toolkit that could provide a uniform mechanism for operations to assess and mitigate water-related risks.

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