Comprehensive workforce transformation

How enhanced mobility can drive federal cost savings

Today’s government-wide budget-neutral environment is requiring agencies to do more with less, even as complex missions and mandates continue to deepen and grow. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is one of many departments and agencies facing these challenges.

Just as the concept of the alternative workplace keeps evolving, there is no one solution that will  work for all organizations.

— ULI The Workplace of the Future

Creating a culture of flexibility and mobility

DHS has an opportunity to address its operating challenges by seizing the momentum of the current fiscal environment to transform the workplace in order to realize significant cost savings, streamlined operations, and workforce engagement.

To facilitate workplace transformation in a budget-neutral environment, DHS must take a holistic approach, moving beyond just telework to address overall workforce needs, the workplace environment, and supporting technology infrastructure to create a culture of flexibility and mobility.

Comprehensive workforce transformation

How we help

Deloitte’s services and capabilities provide cross-functional solutions for workplace transformation. This cross-functional  approach is driven by collaboration across Human Capital, Technology, and Strategy & Operations (S&O) service areas.  Deloitte brings experienced professionals with extensive understanding of workforce transformation strategies and  potential risks associated with the implementation of mobile work programs.

Our integrated service offerings drive collaboration to deliver differentiated solutions for federal agencies’ mobile work needs.

If we are creative in responding to the pressure to reduce space, we can use a directive to “think small” as an opportunity to “think big.” 

— Dr. Naomi Leventhal, Deloitte Consulting LLP 

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