Public Sector Health & Human Services: Child Care & Early Learning Services


Public Sector Health & Human Services: Child Care & Early Learning Services

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Deloitte focuses on many aspects of child care and early development of children. Our services and solutions help clients tackle the challenges of implementing and administering child care and early learning programs. Our practitioners have a long record of helping child care agencies improve how they help families care for their children–be it with technology, strategy, or people challenges. They also understand the growing connections between quality child care and early childhood development.

Systems Integration Services

​​Helping states build and integrate systems to provide better outcomes for children

Deloitte has worked in over forty states helping to support child care and early learning systems projects. Our services include:

  • Integrated case management
  • Trends and policy regulations
  • Student information systems
  • Eligibility determination/benefits calculation
  • Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS)
  • Workforce registry
  • Attendance tracking

Analytics Services

​​Helping States analyze data to drive innovation to provide better outcomes for children

We offer a broad suite of data management and analytics services, providing actionable insights to help states improve outcomes for children.  Our capabilities include:

  • Provider management, compliance, and license tracking
  • Link to longitudinal data systems
  • Federal reporting
  • Data analytics
  • Report development
  • Data quality assurance
  • Child outcomes and reporting

Talent Development

Helping states enhance the capabilities of your people to provide better outcomes for children

Deloitte assists states in identifying, planning, and executing strategies for implementing business and technology changes in your organization that improve technology adoption, drive productivity, and reduce the risks of change to ongoing operations. Our capabilities include:

  • Leadership and professional development
  • Policy simplification
  • Business process improvement
  • Service delivery transformation
  • End-user adoption and training
  • Communication and outreach


Children Services Innovation

Helping states drive innovation to provide better outcomes for children
We are committed to working with states to drive the next wave of innovation in human services to help states help children. Our services include:

  • Longitudinal data systems
  • Mobile solutions
  • Predictive analytics
  • Analytic driven change
  • Immersive learning


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We offer deep experience and a collaborative approach to employing new technology and planning a course of action to transform how your agency serves children.

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Suguna Sundar

Suguna Sundar

Children Services Leader

Suguna is a principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Public Sector practice, focusing on business transformation, service delivery, and innovation while leading the Children Services market offering. Sh... More