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Deloitte brings innovative solutions and trusted approaches to help the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) execute its mission and achieve transformative development impact. For more than 25 years, Deloitte has delivered over $2 billion in USAID projects in 100+ countries bringing industry-leading solutions to international development programs, initiatives, and mission-oriented strategies. Our International Donor Organization sector enhances our ability to support development initiatives by leveraging our global firm’s capabilities and bringing innovative methods, tools, and accelerators to continuously develop, test, and iterate new ways of solving development problems.

Where we work

Deloitte Consulting LLP currently implements USAID projects in 25+ countries including HQ. The global network of independent Deloitte member firms and regional hubs enables us to tailor our approaches to the needs of each context and bring a localized understanding of how to generate sustainable results.

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Delivering USAID’s mission

Advancing development priorities and creating sustainable solutions 

Our multidisciplinary team is committed to solving the world’s most complex development challenges by bringing innovative solutions and integrated systems based approaches to achieve sustainable results. We draw upon our network around the world to provide regional and localized solutions tailored to the needs and challenges of each context. Deloitte specializes in implementing large-scale development programs in the areas of private sector development, economic growth, sustainable energy, water, fiscal reform, health systems strengthening, public financial management, social and gender inclusion, supply chain and risk management, and democracy and governance.

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Accelerating development impact

Scaling breakthrough development solutions

Deloitte designs and implements innovative public and private sector solutions that accelerate results and achieve development impact in emerging markets. We are committed to bringing new ideas and thought leadership to international development in the areas of data analytics for improved decision-making, digital solutions, innovative financing models, social enterprise, prizes and challenges, collaborative co-facilitation techniques, human-centered design, and market-based strategies to deliver high-quality products.

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Supporting USAID’s mission

Transforming program delivery and organizational performance

Deloitte’s experience managing USAID field programs has provided us with a deep understanding of USAID’s mission and work, positioning the organization with the knowledge to deliver valuable enterprise solutions. Our approaches are drawn from our insights working on similar efforts in the public and private sectors, including foreign assistance organizations, which enables us to accelerate efforts by using tested work products. As an industry leader helping complex federal agencies and global commercial clients use our multi-disciplinary solutions to help improve organizational performance, we have immense capabilities in information management, IT systems and infrastructure, data analytics, cyber security, compliance, global mobility services, anti-fraud, human capital transformation, performance management, and financial system transformation.

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Our areas of focus

  • Agriculture and food security
  • Inclusive economic growth, trade, and job creation
  • Public financial management, innovative financing, and domestic resource management
  • Energy, utilities, water, and infrastructure development
  • Global health systems and service delivery
  • Governance, including sub-national governance, local economic development, municipal finance
  • Government accountability, integrity, and public services delivery
  • Urban development and sustainable cities
  • Cross-cutting areas: Gender, youth and social inclusion, innovation and scaling, private sector partnerships and alliances, ICT for development

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Recent news

Top USAID contractors for 2015

"Women, energy, and economic empowerment"

  • Publication: Household Energy Network (Hedon)
  • Written by: Kathleen O’Dell, Sophia Peters, and Kate Wharton
  • Summary: This issue’s theme on Women, Energy and Economic Empowerment shines light on the role of women in reaching energy products and services to the poor and ‘difficult to reach’ consumers. The issue also explores the impact that women led micro and small enterprises (MSEs) selling energy services can have, with respect to household spending, poverty, gender equality, and local markets and economies.

"Change the way clean cook stoves are marketed" 

  • Publication: Devex
  • Written by: Kathleen O’Dell and Sophia Peters
  • Summary: Despite known benefits, improved technologies, renewed vigor from international donors and new high-profile supporters, the vast majority of the world’s poor have yet to fully embrace clean cook stoves.

"USAID selects Deloitte for Vietnam climate change support contract"

  • Publication: GovCon Wire
  • Written by: Elizabeth Leigh
  • Summary: ExecutiveBiz reported Deloitte Consulting has been awarded a contract to provide support for a US Agency for International Development-led climate change initiative in Vietnam.

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Bridging the gap between data and policy

  • Written by: Kate Thompson, Catherine Daly, Courtney Keene, Medha Raj, and Ryan Symons
  • Summary: Through a holistic, iterative approach to policy formulation and execution, national governments can help promote youth civic and economic engagement through a cohesive strategy that invests in young people as catalysts for economic growth.

The Freedom Ecosystem

  • Written by: Sean Morris, John Cassidy, Anesa “Nes” Parker, Sahil Joshi, Aysha Malik, and Danielle Melfi
  • Summary: Slavery is nearer than most people think, from the supply chains of everyday products to domestic workers in US neighborhoods. A coalition of activists, nonprofits, and companies aims to bring the issue of forced labor out of the shadows and work toward lasting solutions.

Water as a shared challenge: From societal expectations to collective action

  • Written by: Jose Lopez and Will Sarni
  • Summary: Leadership by multinational companies in addressing social problems aligns with a trend for companies to internalize these issues. In the case of water, collective action can parlay awareness of this shared dependence and vulnerability into coordinated efforts with a greater impact than any single party acting alone.

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Kishore Rao

Kishore Rao

Lead Client Service Partner for USAID and US-IDO

Kishore is a principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP. He serves as the LCSP for the US Agency for International Development and International Donor (US-IDO) accounts—including US foreign assistance agenc... More

Stephen Lewarne

Stephen Lewarne

Principal | Federal Practice | Deloitte Consulting

Stephen is a principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP. At present, he is head of the Emerging Markets Sub-Account on economic growth, working across multiple accounts in USAID, Millenium Challenge Corpora... More

Wendy Freeman Carr

Wendy Freeman Carr

Director | Deloitte Consulting

Wendy is a Federal Human Capital director and has more than 20 years of experience leading and advising large-scale transformation efforts, in the US and abroad, to design and operationalize high-perf... More

Kate Thompson

Kate Thompson

Principal | Federal S&O | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Kate is a principal with Deloitte Consulting and a strategic advisor to governments, business leaders, and international organizations on the policies, institutions, and capacity needed to achieve inc... More