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Deloitte has more than 45 years of experience in helping states transform their financial and administrative programs. We collaborate with government and public services organizations to build strategies and implement initiatives that put a fresh perspective on how states manage financial and human resources—making innovation, efficiency, and service effectiveness the main goals. Deloitte understands the business of government and the need to help states create value to their citizens, employees, and businesses it connects with.

Featured insights:

Closing the books at a distance⁠—Financial resilience during a crisis

As shock waves propagate through today’s business environment our workforce is adapting to social distancing and government orders to stay at home. Accounting and finance professionals will strive to be productive in this environment, recognizing that management’s need to understand financial impact and financial reporting requirements remain in place to support the integrity of our services and markets. “Closing the books at a distance” offers recommendations and support for finance leaders during this crisis.

Finance of the future

Nothing is immune from the impact of rapid and constant developments in data and technology. Federal leaders must look to the future and adapt to meet the needs of financial management in a dynamic environment. Despite great strides since the passage of the CFO Act in 1990, more can be done. In “Finance of the future,” Deloitte and the Partnership for Public Service summarize the top issues and key conclusions raised during conversations with federal financial leaders to envision a future of more effective financial management. The brief also describes accomplishments and challenges for federal finance leaders and outlines recommendations to help turn the vision for federal finance into a reality.

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Many government and higher education organizations are transforming their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for various reasons. How can they strategically plan for increased data transparency, operational efficiencies, and automation of processes?

Join our Dbrief on June 16 at 2 p.m. ET where we will explore ways to leverage innovation and emerging technologies and gain insights on improving financial processes, data visibility, and internal controls as part of an overall ERP transformation strategy.

How we can help

Deloitte leverages new approaches including creating new digital interactions, strategic use of technology, and management of core government services to help leaders transform their business. From strategic to technical, we have the experience, tools, and knowledge to help you enable your strategic visions while better managing even your most complex systems and processes.


Financial Transformation Services

The desire for stronger, smarter, more efficient government isn’t new. What is new? Transformative technologies, like cloud and analytics. While the possibilities are almost unlimited, your budgets aren’t. Deloitte’s solutions offer data-driven tools and a disciplined approach to help leaders do just that. Explore ideas for change.

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Brian Siegel

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