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Financial Management Services

Driving innovation to create efficiencies and deliver value

Deloitte has more than 45 years of experience in helping states transform their financial and administrative programs. We collaborate with agencies, cities, and state government to build strategies and implement initiatives that put a fresh perspective on how states manage financial and human resources–making innovation, efficiency, and service effectiveness the main goals. Deloitte understands the business of government and the need to help states create value to their citizens, employees, and businesses it connects with. That’s why we leverage new approaches including creating new digital interactions, strategic use of technology, and management of core government services. From strategic to technical, we have the experience, tools, and knowledge to help you enable your strategic visions while better managing even your most complex systems and processes.

Core Government Services

Government leaders today play diverse and challenging roles. Whether you’re a leader in finance, operations, or administration, the pressure is on to do more–with less. This is why government CXOs are looking to new strategies, tapping into leading business practices to modernize processes and speed service delivery. All while driving an innovative mindset throughout the state to help other parts of the organization perform better. And this is where Deloitte comes in. By blending deep public sector experience with private sector perspectives, we can help you move confidently forward and achieve sustainable results. To drive innovation, efficiency, and accountability in government, not only for today but for tomorrow as well.

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Digital controllership™

Emerging business trends and forces are driving change within accounting and finance organizations. These changes are enabling the state comptroller function to imagine a dramatically different future—a future in which “digital controllership” can harness innovation and technology to fundamentally transform the controllership role and add greater value to the organization.

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State treasury transformation

Today’s state treasurers face an increasingly complex environment characterized by volatile markets, tighter regulatory scrutiny, and shrinking budgets. In an effort to address these and other challenges, more state treasurers are seeking to adopt advanced systems and leading practices to achieve three specific priorities: Increasing transparency, modernizing technology, and transforming core processes.

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Pension Administration

As the workforce ages, we face multiple challenges meeting the demand for retirement services in the public sector. By 2030, over 70 million baby boomers will have reached retirement age, many of whom are members of public employee pension plans. Deloitte’s Pension Administration Solution (DPAS) offers public sector retirement agencies a completely integrated, fully operational solution.

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Infrastructure Services

United States airports, water treatment facilities, bridges, roads, and rail have been on agendas for major improvements, but funding gaps and project inefficiencies continually hinder progress. As funding and financing options become available, how can government organizations prioritize and better manage investments? Deloitte assists public sector clients with new techniques to identify, prioritize, and deliver government infrastructure projects with enhanced visibility to cost, timelines, and safety.

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