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Innovation is not new to government, but it is also something that needs to constantly be fostered. It comes in all sizes; it can be bold and sweeping or moderate and incremental. See our portfolio of public sector services that can help you imagine your future and create a path forward.

State Health Services

With more than 35 years of experience in assisting state health and human services agencies in 44 states, Deloitte understands how delivery works—and how it can work better. Our State Health team offers industry-leading insights, solutions, and business practices to help states health agencie solve their most difficult challenges, ranging from modernization of eligibility determination systems and compliance with Federal Health Insurance Exchange requirements to innovative Medicaid tools and services that can help states serve their constituents more effectively.

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Health and Human Services

Deloitte has more than 45 years of experience helping states implement and manage the complex health and human services (HHS) programs that protect and promote the health, safety, and well-being of citizens. We understand the business of health and human services and help states deliver extraordinary advantages to citizens by increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, accessibility, accountability, and responsiveness of services and benefits.

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Finance and Administrative Services

Deloitte understands the business of government and the need to help states create value to their citizens, employees, and businesses it connects with. That’s why we leverage new approaches including creating new digital interactions, strategic use of technology, and management of core government services. From strategic to technical, we have the experience, tools, and knowledge to help you enable your strategic visions while better managing even your most complex systems and processes.

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Cybersecurity Services for State Government

States should develop strategies that enable them to be more vigilant through the use of continuous monitoring and threat detection capabilities and be resilient to better resist, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks. Deloitte provides Cyber Risk Services that help states be more secure, vigilant, and resilient in their approach to manage cyber threats.

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Government CIO Services

We’re a leading provider of services to CIOs in support of mission-led, technology-enabled transformation projects. From strategy through implementation, we help government agencies leverage the cloud, mobile, analytics, and cybersecurity capabilities to help drive down costs and deliver services to citizens—more efficiently and more effectively than ever.

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Higher Education Services

Deloitte works with college and university leaders across all levels to implement process and technology solutions and increase efficiencies and function to address their institutions' priority issues. Deloitte has the depth and breadth of resources and the experience to help higher education institutions address their most critical challenges. We serve over 200 higher education clients drawing upon a pool of multidisciplinary resources across consulting, financial advisory, tax, and audit.

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Transportation Services

States need tools and processes to accelerate project delivery and facilitate the movement of goods to reduce delays. Deloitte can help states manage congestion, improve citizen service delivery, and foster efficient operations.

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Human Capital Services

Now more than ever, state HR departments are wrestling with increasing talent shortages and the ongoing challenge of competing with private employers. As baby boomers retire, many state employers will need to redefine their strategies for attracting and retaining talent. Deloitte provides insights and solutions to help address the new wave of HR, talent, and organizational challenges facing the public sector today. Research, analytics, and public sector knowledge are leveraged to design and execute programs from business-driven HR to innovative talent, leadership, and change programs that support your overall mission.

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Mark Price

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Stephani Long

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