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Our Workers’ Compensation Automation and Integration System, WCAIS, integrates functionality for Workers’ Compensation bureaus, adjudication, and appeals. It provides access to staff and self-service for the Workers’ Compensation community.

Features and Functions

Claims: Claims Filing and Modification, Payments and Reimbursements Processing, Online Documentation Uploads, Compliance Reporting, Process Fund Management, Interested Party Management  

Self-Insurance:  Self-insurance Applications, Reconsideration and Renewal Forms, Self-Insurance Termination, Security Documents, Group Rate Filing, Group Self-Insurer Member Management, Group Insurer Applications, Reporting, Security Reconsiderations  

Assessments: Insurance Department Data, Assessment Audits, Department of Revenue Transactions   Uninsured Employer Guarantee Fund (UEGF): UEGF Notice and UEGF Petition   

Compliance Investigations:  Insurance Coverage, Investigations, Exception Requests, Fee Reviews, Minor Employee Injuries   

Healthcare Services:  Medical Fee Application Review, Examination Requests, Utilization Review Organization/Peer Review Organization Requests  

Appeals:  Petitions, Judge Assignments, Schedule Hearings, Mediations, Subpoenas, Quash, Appeal Documentation, Decisions, Judge Preferences, Scheduling Court Reporters, Vendor Invoices, Appeal Filing, Appeal Closing, Court Information Updates

Our Workers’ Compensation solution provides the following features and functions: