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Taking the pulse of brand health risk
The traditional view of brand is that it is strengthened or harmed by what consumers experience through advertising, marketing, communications, and interactions with representatives of the brand. More recently, however, organizations are considering the connection between brand and their underlying business operations, with a focus on how effective performance can impact brand health.

Moving the global travel industry forward
The global travel industry today has reached unprecedented size and momentum, as disposable incomes grow larger across the world. Although there are factors that make the industry vulnerable, the travel space continues to thrive in 2018. Investments in travel start-ups capable of offering novelty, data derived from emerging technologies, and employee engagement will elevate personalization for consumers. How can these personalized interactions unlock a myriad of new revenue streams?

To foster customer loyalty, identify what matters most
Today's consumers have a plethora of choices in most product categories. For marketers seeking to build long-lasting relationships, it's increasingly important to view brand interactions through customers’ eyes.

Deciding where to invest? Put customers first
CMOs have more information at their disposal than ever before. Putting it to good use doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge.

Fasten your seatbelts: In-flight connectivity takes off
As in-flight connectivity improves, consumer demand for the service is expected to increase, according to Deloitte Global.

Dbriefs webcast
Predictive sensing in a volatile world: The rise of digital intel
August 30 | 2 p.m. ET
How can predictive sensing capabilities generate digital intelligence on customers, employees, products, and services?

August 2018

2018 Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook: Reimagining the travel experience
Travel and tourism now account for more than one-tenth of global GDP. What trends can help hospitality and travel companies harness even more growth?

Building Reputation Resilience
A brand’s reputation is among its most important—and most vulnerable—assets today, but cultivating reputational resilience with a cohesive and technology-enhanced strategy can enable companies to both prepare for crises and create enduring value.

Panasonic, Deloitte CMOs on Marketing’s Next Frontier
As the CMO role continues to evolve, many top marketers are embracing a more expansive remit that extends beyond tactical brand and campaign activities to encompass enterprisewide growth responsibilities. Lauren Sallata, CMO of Panasonic Corporation of North America, and Diana O’Brien, global CMO of Deloitte, discuss how this shift is playing out at their companies.

Checking in on the Next-Gen Hotel Guest Experience
Hoteliers have been ahead of the game when it comes to knowing their customers. Truly understanding them, however, will likely require a mix of human art and data science.

Playing to Win: Sales and Marketing’s Role in M&A
Sales and marketing departments have an essential role to play in a merger, acquisition, or divestiture, particularly when it comes to building a platform for long-term growth.

Modernizing Big Data Platforms
Many organizations are re-examining and evolving their big data strategies and systems to further imbue the business with data-derived insights.

July 2018

Using neuroscience to connect with customers’ minds, hearts
Forging emotional connections with customers typically requires a deeper understanding of their motivations. Today’s marketers increasingly are gaining these insights by analyzing brain activity and biometric measures.

Getting the most out of social media investments
Marketers are still feeling their way when it comes to connecting social campaigns to business results, but there’s little doubt about the channel’s potential.

Doing well by doing good: The new corporate citizenship
Stakeholders are taking a closer look at companies’ impact on society, and expectations for good corporate citizenship are rising. To meet these expectations, many leading organizations are making social impact a core part of their strategies and identities.

Digital media subscriptions on the rise
From streaming video and music services to gaming and online news, consumers increasingly are paying for digital media content.

June 2018

Digital, data drive CMO role
Modern CMOs have more C-suite responsibility than ever. Deploying digital tools and data strategically will become central to managing this complexity and delivering results.

Delta CMO Tim Mapes on branding from the inside out
What’s the secret to brand devotion in an industry where unexpected turbulence is a regular occurrence? For Tim Mapes, CMO of Delta Air Lines, it’s the company’s 80,000 employees, a culture of service, and an unwavering commitment to the customer.

Shine a light on media accountability
As the debate over media transparency intensifies, the CMO’s role is commonly expanding beyond managing agency relationships to overseeing effective advertising assurance programs.

The great retail bifurcation
Conventional wisdom suggests that traditional retailers have stopped growing because of the rise of e-commerce. Deloitte research uncovers a more complex story, in which the retail industry’s upheaval may be explained by a stark bifurcation in consumer income.

Dbriefs webcast
The future of advertising: What impacts and opportunities will emerge?
May 30 | 1 p.m. ET
The advertising market is undergoing a dramatic shift, with a variety of trends impacting the value chain and reshaping the future of the US advertising ecosystem, particularly in video. What should advertisers and publishers expect as this new ecosystem emerges?

Brand and reputation risk management: Staying a step ahead
May 22 | 2 p.m. ET
Brand and reputation can be impacted by various internal and external threats. How can investment management firms actively manage reputational risks that can lead to lost revenue, destruction of shareholder and brand value, and increased operating, capital, or regulatory costs?

May 2018

The CMO Survey February 2018: A positive outlook, poised for growth
As marketing leaders embrace new marketing tactics and technologies, strong campaign results have led to a positive outlook and growing reliance on analytics for decision-making and increased investment in marketing knowledge and talent. The latest CMO survey shows marketing leaders are increasingly confident in the new landscape and positioning for continued growth in their role.

Metrics that matter: How to win with people-based measurement
Working with CMOs and marketing practitioners, Deloitte Digital dives into the dynamics of people-based measurement to better understand its capabilities and value to business outcomes.

Next-gen hotel guests have checked in: The changing guest experience
Our hotel guest experience (GX) report taps into how data-driven strategies can meet new consumer needs and help differentiate your brand in this ever-changing marketplace.

Bring brand vision to life with a standards playbook
Strong brands often use standards to form the source code for an optimal customer experience. CMOs can work with stakeholders throughout the organization to create and implement guidelines that bring the brand to life consistently.

Retail renaissance: Redefining the consumer experience
For retailers seeking to deliver next-generation consumer experiences in the digital age, it’s time to follow the road map of elite performers.

April 2018

Emotional connection and the customer experience: Where’s the love? And can you measure it?
Traditionally, customer sentiment has been based on measuring satisfaction and advocacy. But a more critical factor is the emotional connection customers have with a brand. To get to this deeper understanding, companies should incorporate both internal and external data into their customer experience (CX) measurement programs.

Why consumer products CMOs should care about cyber risk: How technology-fueled marketing strategies create vulnerabilities
Are your organization’s marketing technologies exposing you and your customers to cyber risk? It’s time for consumer products chief marketing officers (CMOs) to get a better understanding of cyber risk. Explore the top cybersecurity threats consumer products CMOs must be aware of and learn the importance of collaboration between CMOs and their cyber counterparts.

Now boarding: The future of the travel, hospitality industry
With strong industry growth expected to continue, many travel brands are looking to seize opportunities by leveraging emerging technologies and providing more personalized customer experiences.

CMOs gain influence but struggle to be heard
CMOs can extend their influence and assume more strategic responsibilities by honing their customer expertise, speaking the language of their C-suite peers, and tapping their left-brain thinking.

How marketing and sales can align to drive growth
Sales and marketing leaders can help drive value for their organizations by working more closely together on customer engagement, measurement, talent, and technology.

March 2018

Redefining the CMO
By using customer analytics and organizational partnerships, by communicating clearly with the C-suite, and by skillfully melding the right brain and left brain aspects of their role, CMOs can take charge of customer insights to not only justify their seat at the board table but to become the strategic counsel their responsibilities and knowledge demands.

2018 Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook
Travel and tourism now account for more than one-tenth of global GDP. What trends can help hospitality and travel companies harness even more growth?

Strong reputations help companies withstand crises
Prioritizing reputational resilience can help organizations prepare for the worst while laying the groundwork for creating long-term value in brand equity, strategic positioning, and future growth.

Assessing brand health risk
To gauge the strength of their brands, organizations increasingly are looking at the business operations behind the customer experience.

Dbriefs webcast
Behavioral economics and Business Chemistry: You had me at hello
February 21 | 2 p.m. ET
Psychologists and researchers often try to group and understand individuals based on personality traits. Can private company sales executives and relationship managers use similar techniques to understand decision makers' work styles and subsequently influence client decisions? Participants will explore how understanding behavioral economics and Business Chemistry can support effective client relationships and meaningful solutions.

Next-gen hotel guests have arrived: The changing guest experience
March 7 | 2 p.m. ET
The pace of change in the hospitality industry has accelerated along with guest preferences and expectations. Features that used to distinguish hotels from one another have become mere basics. How are hotels differentiating through tailored guest experiences and fully knowing and understanding their guests? Participants will learn results of a recent Deloitte hotel guest survey and explore ways to help turn guest experience strategy into productive outcomes.

February 2018

Build a customer-first culture
Increased consumer expectations for seamless experiences are raising the bar for brands to provide exceptional customer service. CMOs can help their organizations create a customercentric environment by focusing on four attributes: collective vision, outside-in orientation, innovation, and shared values.

Taking the pulse of brand health risk
Recently, organizations are considering the connection between brand and their underlying business operations. Learn how to identify brand risks, avoid common pitfalls and develop a playbook aimed at improving brand health.

How to outflank the competition with analytics
Help drive business value by following the lead of high-performing companies that use advanced analytical techniques and data-driven insights to rise above their competitors.

Everything is an experience
A shoe, an ATM, an ice cream cone, a movie theater, a customer service call, a website visit, a mobile app. These are all experiences. And they can become compelling, powerful experiences that delight customers and build loyalty when they are connected and relevant.

Dbriefs webcast
The grocery digital divide: Impacts on the consumer path to purchase

February 7 | 2 p.m. ET
Digital influence is disrupting the grocery consumer path to purchase, from awareness to selection to loyalty. Explore how companies can look beyond the in-store experience to deliver on the new digital imperative.

January 2018

Tackling the CX measurement challenge
When it comes to assessing customer experience (CX), tracking customer sentiment may provide only half the story. By analyzing external data about what customers perceive as well as internal data about how the organization is performing, brands can gain a deeper understanding of their CX—and a more realistic shot at improving it.

Protecting and growing brand value
Smart executives know that a strong brand and reputation go to the heart of the business—whether fulfilling the expectations of customers and shareholders or acting as a lifesaving asset during a crisis. Explore three key guidelines from top leaders on prioritizing brand and reputation in both good times and bad.

Mobile customer experience: It’s about more than the app
Mobile devices continue to redefine how people communicate, seek information, and go about the tasks of daily life. Meeting consumers’ growing expectations may require marketers to rethink their mobile apps’ capabilities—as well as their broader business systems and processes.

2017 Deloitte holiday retail survey
What can retailers do to capture US shoppers' hearts and minds—and wallet share—during the 2017 holiday season? A look into consumers' anticipated budgeting, shopping, and purchase behaviors can help.

December 2017

Cultivating a strong reputation for crisis and beyond
Reputation. It takes a lifetime to build and only an instant to be torn apart. Reputational crises can destroy market value and recovery costs and influence stakeholders’ perceptions. But by cultivating reputational resilience, companies can prepare for crises while also creating lasting value. In today’s volatile world, an organization’s positive reputation isn’t just a “nice to have.” It’s an essential part of doing business.

Data and technology: Building blocks for customer experience
Most consumers want more than a great brand—they want a great brand experience. Today, many consumers expect value from every aspect of the brand—product, service, and overall customer experience. Leverage data and emerging technologies to inform creative, improve customer experience, and increase loyalty.

Create customer loyalty that lasts
Many of today’s consumers are eschewing generic rewards programs in favor of more personalized and convenient options. To engage and retain your best customers, rethink five components of their loyalty initiatives.

Dbriefs Webcast
Holiday 2017: How retailers can secure customer devotion
November 15 | 11 a.m. ET
What does the 2017 season hold, and what retail strategies can endear customers beyond this peak shopping period? Learn the results of Deloitte's 32nd annual holiday survey and how a customer rapport strategy can tip the competitive war for a share in your favor.
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Signals for strategists: What emerging technologies are catching on?
December 5 | 2 p.m. ET
The timing of technology adoption can mean the difference between being a competitive leader or laggard. What emerging technologies should you watch and when should you begin exploring their use in your organization?
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November 2017

How to build a brand-fueled movement
Every marketer dreams of catching lightning in a bottle. It’s that moment when a brand—the product and the values it represents—catches fire and becomes more than just something to buy. It spurs a movement, centers a community, and becomes part of people’s lives. What does it take to elevate a brand marketing strategy into a brand-fueled experience that truly resonates with consumers?

The future of digital influence in retail customer experience
Today, retailers almost universally recognize that digital has reshaped customer behavior and shopping forever. So why are so many traditional brick-and-mortar retailers still so far behind at creating the digital experiences that customers really want?

Digital business dissolves silos
The digitally enabled customer experience is one of the main factors pushing traditional organizational boundaries aside. As digital platforms allow customers to engage with all parts of a company, companies will need a cross-functional organization to deliver on customer expectations at each interaction point.

Dbriefs Webcast
Click and connect: Effective marketing in a digital-first world
November 9 | 11 a.m. ET
Effective digital marketing requires more than shifting advertising dollars and measuring page views. How can new approaches to digital and traditional delivery channels help companies reach consumers? Participants will learn ways to drive brand equity, share, and marketing ROI in an increasingly digital world.
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October 2017

Three steps for executing brand promise
In a marketplace bombarded with an overwhelming choice of products and services, a distinctive and well-executed brand promise can cut through the clutter, drive intense customer loyalty, increase revenue, and directly affect a company’s bottom line. Learn how organizations can create action plans to consistently improve the execution of their brand promise and protect it from harm.

How J&J defies gender stereotypes
Johnson & Johnson is among the leading brands championing the accurate portrayal of women and girls in media. Debra Bass, marketing services president, Johnson & Johnson Consumer, discusses how the company empowers female leaders and why gender equality is critical to the Johnson & Johnson brand.

Who rules the world? Consumers!
Digital-savvy consumers expect personalized shopping experiences, tailored choices, real-time responses, transparent interactions, and closer connections with the brands they support. This means companies now face the challenge of engaging in the right way, at the right time to keep up with the ever-changing demands of today’s consumers.

Data, analytics fuel real-time customer experience
Improving customer experience is becoming increasingly important for marketers, yet many face challenges delivering consistent, personalized experiences across multiple channels. Marketers may be able to create a competitive advantage by adopting always-on experience management, in which they leverage data, analytics, and machine learning to deliver contextually relevant, real-time experiences to consumers.

What consumers really think about sharing their personal information
It’s no secret that many companies rely heavily on consumer-generated data to inform many activities, from product development and strategic planning to targeted marketing campaigns. When the information is used effectively, however, it is the consumer who may ultimately benefit, as it can enable companies to enhance the customer experience and provide innovative products and services. But how willing are consumers to provide their information, and what concerns do they have about sharing and protecting it?

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September 2017

The power of employee engagement
How can your company create a motivated workforce of brand ambassadors that take personal responsibility for the customer experience? Focus on the five core elements of employee engagement and build a “simply irresistible” place to work.

Managing risk with digital technology
C-suite executives and boards of directors across industries are concerned about how quickly their reputations could be damaged in the marketplace as it relates to customers, employees, partners and shareholders. Learn how advances in digital technology are bringing new capabilities for organizations to protect their reputations and advance business strategy.

Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook 2017
Four specific catalysts of change are disrupting the travel and hospitality industry—the economy, consumer mindsets, enabling technology, and platforms. Forward thinking companies with an eye towards innovation could turn some of these brand, reputation and customer experience challenges into opportunities in the coming year.

Managing reputation risk
As Warren Buffett once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” This can be especially true today, as high-profile crises including cyberattacks, product recalls, and damaging social media posts become more prevalent. CMOs and other C-suite executives can develop reputational resilience by identifying potential risks and preparing plans before a crisis occurs.

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August 2017

Cyber risk in consumer business
As businesses use emerging technologies to redefine the customer experience, they find that these technologies also create perils—especially around cyber risk. From customer trust to intellectual property, consumer businesses discuss the six main cyber risk challenges they face today.

Managing risk in an age of social media
Social media channels provide many opportunities for brands, but they also pose significant threats. By tapping into CMO expertise, asking the right questions, and developing risk migration plans, board members may be better prepared to help their organizations manage risk in the digital environment.

Reaching the new luxury consumer
Despite a challenging global economy, the luxury market remains resilient, according to a Deloitte Global survey. Consumers value quality, personalization, and emotional experience when buying luxury products.

Shift your risk strategy to protect brand reputation: Lead. Navigate. Disrupt.
Deloitte teamed with Fortune Knowledge Group to survey 300 executives about their views on risk. The reality is that opportunity doesn’t exist without risk. But when risk is taken strategically—with a value-focused approach—new opportunities to accelerate performance emerge. These opportunities have the ability to enhance reputation, market positioning, and competitive advantage.

Dbriefs webcast
Risk to reward: How principled behavior can enhance organizational culture and reputational resiliency
July 25 | 2 p.m. ET
Corporate culture can hinder strategic objectives, but what about managing risk and creating competitive advantage? Explore approaches to elevate corporate culture, mitigate risk, and use outcomes to drive organizational growth, increased market share, and reputational resiliency.

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July 2017

The new principles of brand leadership: The Impact Project
People now view brands and companies as if they were human, and, like any twenty-first century relationship, loyalties are shifted with the click of a mouse or the tap of an app. How can companies create strong brands that innovate, improve lives, and engender loyalty?

Mike Indursky on breaking the right rules
How does a CMO know which rules to break to differentiate their organizations? Hear from the former CMO of Burt’s Bees and president of Bliss World, as he discusses the importance of breaking the right rules to remain relevant.

Food safety management: An enterprise and operational level risk perspective
The food and beverage industry continues to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace. New government regulations, along with expectations from consumers and stakeholders, compel food manufacturers, restaurants, and grocery retailers to sharpen their focus on food safety. As a result, companies can no longer rely on a single function to own quality and food safety because simply put, food safety is an enterprise-level risk.

Serving up a great restaurant customer experience: Through guests’ eyes
Winning in today’s guest-first environment starts with a solid restaurant customer experience strategy. Explore five considerations for restaurants as they create memorable guest experiences that yield guest loyalty.

Dbriefs webcast
Reputation matters: Developing resilience ahead of a crisis
June 29 | 2 p.m. ET
Reputation-damaging crises often expose the gap between reality and stakeholder expectations about reputational risks. Explore factors affecting, and ways of improving, your organization's reputational resilience.

June 2017

Restoring balance and protecting value: A franchise lifecycle perspective
The franchisor-franchisee relationship is a model most people understand, and it has historically led to mutually beneficial success. But, this traditional model is evolving in response to an increasingly riskier legal and regulatory environment. As the contractual agreements and division of responsibilities become more complex, the landscape is fraught with additional pressure and risk.

'Click and connect' with consumer products consumers
Effective digital marketing reaches beyond shifting ad dollars and measuring page views. Find out how to effectively reach consumers using targeted content in both digital and traditional delivery channels.

Frozen: Helping Consumers Get Unstuck
Companies can combine behavioral design principles with customer insights to reengage consumers who experience “decision paralysis.”

Dbriefs webcast
Serving up the right CX: Restaurant customer experience strategy and implementation
April 26 | 1 p.m. ET
A restaurant's brand is no longer all about food—if it ever was. Today, your brand includes all elements of the guest experience, from before entering the restaurant to long after the meal is finished. Learn results of a recent Deloitte restaurant guest survey and explore ways to help your organization turn CX strategy into actionable tactics and productive outcomes.

May 2017

Managing brand promise for customer loyalty and financial performance
Across industries, businesses and consumers are bombarded with an overwhelming choice of products and services. A distinctive and well-executed “brand promise” can cut through the clutter and increase both customer loyalty and revenue.

Airline CX: Creating emotional connections to drive brand loyalty
Airlines’ customer satisfaction scores have improved, but passengers’ expectations continue to rise. How can carriers deliver a rewarding experience and create enduring relationships?

Decoding the path to purchase: Using autonomous analytics for customer mapping
Given the dizzying amounts of data hurtling across cyberspace each second, companies that wish to glean customer insights through analytics should explore adding autonomous analytics to their sales and marketing arsenal along with plain old intuition and artisanal analytics.

Driving innovation in consumer products
While many consumer product companies pursue innovation as a key strategy, very few are actually creating new business offerings that deliver value to their customers and shareholders. Three areas in which leading innovators excel—innovating beyond the product, designing for consumer behavior, and developing systematic capabilities.

Managing the MarTech paradox
When selecting marketing technologies, organizations may encounter a challenge: The solutions that drive greater efficiency for the marketer can diminish the customer’s experience. For marketers, managing this tradeoff requires exploring all the potential effects of technology and choosing purposefully—while also seeking opportunities to adopt emerging solutions that can both streamline processes and enhance customer interactions.

Dbriefs webcast
Media consumption trends: Multigenerational perspectives and implications

April 26 | 1 p.m. ET
Get the first view of new results from Deloitte's Digital Democracy survey, 11th edition and explore ways emerging media consumption trends might impact your strategic planning.

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April 2017

What's different about a customer-driven business transformation?
There's been no shortage of attention focused on the growing power customers hold in their relationships with the companies that serve them. What questions should you ask when considering a transformation focused on becoming more client oriented?

Collaborating in an evolving C-suite
How can CMOs partner more effectively with their C-suite counterparts? Eamonn Kelly, chief strategy officer of Deloitte Consulting LLP, and David Wilkie, CEO of World 50, discuss the evolution of the C-suite and the necessity of collaboration in today’s competitive business environment.

Meet mobile’s new biggest fans
There’s a new generation of consumers leading the mobile charge in the US, but for once they’re not the youngest. The shift may mean it’s time for marketers to reconsider how—and where—they reach some target audiences.

Protecting IP assets from cybertheft
Intellectual property can contribute more than 80 percent to a company’s total value. Prioritizing protection of these assets from cybertheft can help prevent extensive potential losses, including damage to brand and reputation.

The race to autonomous driving: Winning American consumers' trust
Are US consumers ready for self-driving cars? Our survey shows that they’re increasingly interested in automation, particularly if it improves safety. The bad news: They’re less and less willing to spend their own money to make the future of mobility a reality.

Dbriefs webcast
The emergence of games and gamification: What does it all mean?
March 28 | 2 p.m. ET
Business use of games and gamification for distinctly non-game purposes is on the rise. How can private and mid-market companies take advantage of this trend? Learn how games and gamification can reach far beyond the underlying technology to influence attitudes and behaviors across organizations.

March 2017

10 Questions for confident leaders
How can CMOs excel in an age of chronic disruption? Ten questions can help forward-thinking executives lead and thrive amid uncertainty.

What can digital dating teach us about long-term customer loyalty?
Marketers hoping to create more seamless and satisfying customer experiences can find inspiration in an unlikely source: the digital dater’s playbook. Drawing from the latest behavioral economics research, here are some lessons on how to woo and win customers for life.

2017 Technology Industry Outlook
What trends could affect tech marketers as they seek to connect with customers this year? Enterprise digital transformations, interindustry collaboration, and a global war for talent could play a significant role.

GE’s CMO on digital transformation
Bringing a long-established manufacturing leader into the digital age is no small feat, but that’s what General Electric Co. has done. CMO Linda Boff discusses the organizational and cultural changes required for such a transformation.

Dbriefs webcast: Airline customer experience: Time to chart a new course?
March 16 | 11 a.m. ET
From varied seating choices to chef-designed meals, airlines have made great strides in improving the passenger experience. However, passengers report that they are still often left looking for more. How can the airline industry appeal to the next-generation passenger and improve customer experience?

February 2017

Future of risk series: Reputation risks accelerate and amplify
To survive in today’s hyper-connected world dominated by mobile devices, social media, and evolving expectations from society, leaders will need to proactively address accelerated, amplified risks to their organizations’ reputations.

Three steps for executing on your brand promise
The difference between a brand promise kept and a brand promise broken can have dramatic consequences. See three steps to consider when executing on brand promise.
Explore the three steps

Saving an iconic brand: Krispy Kreme
In 2003, it was called the hottest brand in America. But when Daryl Brewster took over as Krispy Kreme’s CEO three years later, he faced a drastically different reality. In this article, he reflects on the brand’s efforts to rebuild itself a decade ago.
Discover insights

Brands as publishers
In this new age of the “always-on” consumer, many marketers are evolving from a campaign model to a “brand as publisher” model, producing a steady stream of content for multiple websites, social media, newsletters, and other consumer channels. This represents a big shift for brands, and it’s forcing them to rethink how they organize for increasing volumes of content, including new strategies, people, and processes.
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The CMO’s challenge in driving growth
The role of the CMO has become much more complex in today’s digital, always-on world. Now, in addition to leading brand and marketing activities, CMOs find themselves responsible for owning the customer experience, tracking every encounter with users, demonstrating the value of marketing, and driving revenue for their companies. Balancing these duties is proving to be a challenge for marketers.

January 2017

How do you enhance the customer journey?
Mandeep Grewal, United Airlines shares her perspective
How can an airline enhance its customers’ experiences when it doesn’t actually own most of the journey? Mandeep Grewal, the head of customer experience for United Airlines, and Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s Mike Kearney met up at San Francisco International Airport to discuss the evolution of customer service, especially in today’s social media driven world.
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2016 Deloitte holiday survey: Ringing in the retail
The 2016 holiday season will be far from business as usual for the nation’s retailers. According to Deloitte’s annual consumer shopping survey, more consumers plan to shop online for gifts than ever before. And shoppers anticipate spending just as much online as they do in stores.
Download the survey

How to protect your brand and reputation
As the marketplace becomes ever more competitive, organizations must rely on the strength of their brand and reputation to attract and retain customers, business partners, employees, and investors. Yet for many, brand and reputation risk management remains elusive. Learn how to strengthen resilience through a formal and proactive brand and reputation management program.
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How to bring brand into the boardroom
Brand is an infrequent topic in boardrooms. When it does come up, the conversation is usually centered on risk and reputation. So what’s the importance of bringing brand into the boardroom?
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Harley Davidson’s former CEO talks about the iconic brand
A 2016 MarCom Gold award-winning episode
Keith Wandell, former CEO of Harley-Davidson, spoke with Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s Mike Kearney about protecting an iconic brand in the midst of a crucial turnaround.
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December 2016

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