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Know Risk: Going beyond effective risk management

Reveal opportunity through strategic risk management

Knowledge is power. In today’s ever-evolving risk landscape, you can’t eliminate threats. But a risk intelligent approach can give you a better understanding, helping you reimagine risk to reveal new strategic opportunities and create value for your company.

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Extended enterprise perspective: Taking extended enterprise management to the next level

A robust cost and revenue recovery strategy can not only help achieve significant cost and savings benefits, but also enhance your organization’s ability to realize—and fund—extended enterprise goals.

Make cost and revenue recovery a strategic linchpin during the COVID-19 crisis
In today’s environment, as organizations look to recover from impacts of  the COVID-19 crisis, cash has become a primary focus for the entire organization. An extended enterprise management program can assist in assessing third-party resiliency and financial stability – key elements of an organization's strategy to help ensure sales continue and cash is flowing in. Additionally, a cost and revenue recovery program can identify where cash is incorrectly flowing out - stopping leakage and keeping cash within the organization.

Read more about what a rigorous—yet responsible—cost and recovery program can enable an organization to do, regardless of market conditions.

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Extended enterprise perspective

Pulse survey: Weigh in on issues that are top-of-mind for risk executives. Tell us what you think.

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In our January edition, we polled our audience on which area they wanted to further develop risk management skills.

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Third-party risk: Optimizing the extended enterprise

In many organizations there is focus on extended enterprise risk management (EERM) practices. What are drivers behind that movement, and what are top-of-mind themes for boards, leaders, and practitioners?
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