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The Next Wave

Stories on leading through risk, crisis, and disruption from the Resilient podcast series

Deloitte’s award-winning Resilient podcast series broke new ground by featuring authentic conversations with today’s leaders who have tackled risk, crisis, and disruption. The Next Wave takes another look at the most important lessons learned from these leaders and synthesizes their insights into real strategies to not only survive, but thrive in our volatile world.

Doubling down on disruption

Change is never easy. If you’re a market leader and status quo has you on top, why would you challenge what’s made you successful to date? Alternatively, if your company is struggling with more than its fair share of problems, where do you start to right the ship? We’ve captured powerful learnings and unfiltered insights from real leaders featured on the Resilient podcast for driving change during big waves of risk and disruption.

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Knowing when to paint outside the lines

What’s one of the classic first lessons we are all taught as kids? How about, “Don’t paint outside the lines.” We could debate whether or not this is good advice for children, but for business leaders, there are times when painting outside the lines is exactly what is needed. Smart executives know that playing it safe with a paint-by-number formula doesn’t cut it in today’s competitive landscape. The truth is, no company can survive market disruption without taking some risks.

Successful leaders learn to be both bold and intelligent when taking risks; they know the right times to paint inside, and outside, the lines. Here are candid tips from executives featured on the Resilient podcast on how to be smart in your approach to taking risks.

Protecting and growing brand value

Brand and reputation—it’s what your company is built on. It’s what your customers base their loyalty on. And it takes a lifetime to build but only an instant to be torn apart. Smart executives know that a strong brand and reputation go to the heart of the business—whether fulfilling the expectations of customers and shareholders or acting as a lifesaving asset during a crisis. Here are a few guidelines from top leaders on prioritizing brand and reputation to stay strong in both good times and bad.

Emerging stronger from crisis

Think about all the crises that keep dominating headlines: safety issues, natural disasters, reputation catastrophes, and financial scandals. How is it that crisis seems so inevitable, but many senior executives are still not prepared for it? Now is the time to ask yourself: when the next crisis hits, how are you going to react? To get some answers, let’s look to a few insights from leaders who have survived crisis situations first-hand.

Leading with resiliency

Since the Resilient podcast series launched in early 2016, we’ve conducted more than 20 in-depth interviews with CEOs, senior business executives, and other top leaders in a wide range of industries—from aviation, publishing, and retail; to technology, government, and energy utilities. While they shared their personal and diverse stories on successfully navigating risk, crisis, and disruption, we asked each of them: What does it mean to be a resilient leader?

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Resilient is an award-winning podcast series that features authentic, engaging, and thought-provoking conversations with leaders. Hear interviews and personal stories about how CEOs, senior executives, government officials, board members, and people outside of the business world embrace complexity to lead, navigate, and disrupt to accelerate performance. And discover what they learned about resilience amid risk, crisis, and disruption.

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