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Unleash the power of financial data management

Atom™: Powered by Accounting Information Science™

Atom provides organizations comprehensive financial data management by enabling the architecting of finance data models through iterative, business-led design cycles supported by proprietary digital assets. Integrate design, mapping, and reconciliation of your organization’s chart of account and financial data object transformations with Atom.

Why Atom™?

Is your organization ready to take the next step in its financial data strategy?

  • Are you undergoing a finance transformation enabled by SAP S/4HANA, Oracle, or other enterprise resource planning (ERP)1 tool?
  • Are you having challenges understanding how the enterprise information model will impact reporting and critical accounting logic, such as allocations?
  • Are you trying to architect a finance data model that can flex with new product launches, reorganizations, and changing business conditions?
  • Do you need demonstrated methodology and tools to consume complex finance data models and build alignment across the business, controllership, consolidations, FP&A, treasury, and tax?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Deloitte can help. Atom can transform your financial data management and enable the design, mapping, and reconciliation of your finance data model with greater automation, control, and quality.

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Atom™ in action

Powered by Accounting Information Science™, the Atom solution is deployed in three phases to fully enable the transformation of your financial data strategy.

How Atom™ can help

An Atom data model is built to evolve and can flex with new product launches, reorganizations, and changing business conditions. Its comprehensive financial data management can provide the capabilities to help organizations meet the requirements of their business today and in the future.

Atom case study

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The Atom™ difference

  • Improved speed of transformations: Business users can review the data-mapping logic, reports, and analyze transformation rules earlier in the project.
  • Produces visual reports: Atom users review the data in reporting format, allowing the business to understand the impacts of decisions in real time.
  • Reduced dependency on IT resources: Atom reduces IT dependency and allows the business to own and drive the mapping process.
  • Sets a flexible foundation for business growth, management, and financial reporting: With Atom, you can see and understand how your business reporting may look in the future state.
  • Provides a cohesive view of source and target values, linkages, and hierarchies: Data structure and linkages can be confusing and not easily understood. Atom tackles this by providing a cohesive view of the data structure.

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What your organization gets with Atom™

Atom’s purpose-built, integrated set of skills will help you plan and navigate your financial data strategy with:

  • Launch pad: Real-time analytics to track design progress
  • Model: Links multiple sets of complex finance data values
  • Data edit: Visual data design and mapping editor
  • Reconcile: Identify and disposition mapping variances
  • Change log: Automates update tracking and facilitates team collaboration
  • Atom.AI: Machine learning data normalization
  • Smart swipe: Automate segment extraction for legacy multiuse objects
  • Allocate: Distributed 1: M mapping logic
  • Preconfigured logic: SAP S/4HANA Chart of Accounts or Common Information Model relationships and Oracle Chart of Accounts templates leveraged accelerate the future-state design.1

1 The product names mentioned here are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners, and are mentioned for illustrative purposes only. Deloitte does not intend to endorse any particular product, company, or service.

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