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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Security Services

Mitigating Industrial IoT cybersecurity risks

The rapid evolution of industrial systems comes at a price, and IIoT environments must grapple with new IIoT security risks.

Cyber risks. They’re everywhere.

The rapid evolution of hardware and software, including added connectivity, in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Operational Technology (OT) brings unprecedented efficiencies, but it also comes at a price.

Every IIoT connected device or component could potentially be a liability. That’s where Deloitte Cyber can help.

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Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution is witnessing the intersections of digital and physical environments in the manufacturing ecosystems like never before. Businesses are preparing to harness the fullest potential of digital towards gaining competitive advantage. Watch the video to learn more.

Top five initiatives to better secure IIoT environments

Deloitte Cyber IIoT services

  • IIoT Security Program Design, Development, Implementation, and Operation: Design, develop, and implement security programs that enable organizations to better manage cyber risk associated with IIoT products and ecosystems.
  • IIoT Security Program and Capability Maturity Assessment: Assess the enterprise-level framework and associated processes that organizations use to secure their connected devices and associated infrastructures.
  • Security Testing: Perform technical security testing, including the latest techniques, tradecraft, and procedures utilizing manual and automated tooling and reviews, to identify potential vulnerabilities at the hardware, software, and firmware levels. Capabilities also include testing the effectiveness of management, monitoring, and logging tools for IIoT devices and ecosystems.
  • IIoT Security Executive Transition and IIoT Security Labs: Prepare new security executives for their position in an IIoT security program with tailored training that includes role responsibilities, industry-leading practices, and assistance developing strategy to improve the security posture of their organization's IIoT environments.
  • Security Engineering: Design, develop, advise, and implement security for IIoT products and their associated ecosystem.
  • Secure Product Procurement (Point-in-Time or Managed Service): Securely procure IIoT product, devices, components, and sensors critical to an organization’s industrial functions (e.g., manufacturing) or ecosystems through supplier product security and privacy program assessments and the technical security requirement review.
  • Supportive Technology and Tooling: Design, develop, and implement a centralized tool to assist in the management and operation of an IIoT security and privacy program, including capabilities for security risk management and associated processes (e.g., asset inventorying, vulnerability management with cybersecurity bill of materials (CBoM) monitoring, customer communications, security event management).
  • Security Risk Assessments: Execute paper-based security testing based on stakeholder feedback to help identify potential vulnerabilities at the plant, ecosystem, and industrial product level, and drive remediation activities.
  • Security Event, Audit, and Submission Readiness: Help organizations prepare via interactive workshops, tabletop exercises, and remediation road-mapping. Highlight process improvements and enhancements needed to effectively respond to and contain incidents through resiliency preparation activities such as cyber wargames.
  • Security and Privacy Advisory: Advise organizations on situational response techniques like incident/crisis management, M&A transactions, and how to respond to a regulatory inquiry.
  • Asset Management, Monitoring, and Response (Point-in-Time or Managed Service): Evaluate fielded products or products maintained via third-party technology to proactively identify and remediate risks as they arise.

Learn more about how Deloitte can help you identify security issues, pinpoint areas vulnerable to risk, and provide aggregated cross-industry insights and leading practices to secure your IIoT environments.


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