Synchronized Planning and Fulfillment Services

Supply chain optimization and logistics distribution

Companies are transforming linear, sequential supply chains into digital supply networks (DSNs) that can incorporate ecosystem partners. Within DSNs, synchronized planning and fulfillment monitors the flow of data to continuously and accurately plan production to match actual demand, creating a more dynamic, flexible, and efficient supply network.

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Drivers of change

As customer expectations become more sophisticated, the demand for the swift delivery of individualized products and services increases. Organizations are looking to more agile and connected supply chains via supply chain optimization to meet the needs of all value chain partners while simultaneously delivering on heightened customer expectations. Advances in technology—including cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, and robotics—enable highly responsive DSNs that orchestrate continuous collaboration between supply and demand, planning and fulfillment, expectations, and customer satisfaction.

A synchronized planning and fulfillment strategy can help facilitate the end-to-end planning, production, and distribution of products and services. Armed with this strategic roadmap, organizations can more readily evolve their supply chain capabilities to make fulfillment personal, commerce seamless, technology invisible, and trust automatic.

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Six steps to synchronized planning and fulfillment

A synchronized planning and fulfillment strategy can help your business reconfigure its supply chain planning and fulfillment ecosystem, allowing your organization to continually optimize. In this way, synchronized planning and fulfillment orchestrates supply chain efficiency, helping to streamline and accelerate core processes while delivering insights that drive smarter decisions.

In this way, synchronized planning and fulfillment orchestrates supply chain efficiency, helping to streamline and accelerate core processes—while delivering insights that drive smarter processes over time.

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Orchestrating the benefits of efficiency

Synchronized planning and fulfillment can help your organization achieve ongoing efficiencies and cost savings in a variety of ways.

  • Renewing a focus on value, as stakeholders are often more supportive when the value of improvements becomes well-defined and impactful
  • Enabling continuous and real-time feedback between financial and customer satisfaction targets, synchronized demand and supply chain planning models, automated fulfillment capabilities, network and transport models, and AI-driven decision engines, helping to accelerate insights
  • Enhancing supply chain logistics and distribution through machine learning, digital-physical interactions, and automation
  • Reducing human interventions, and being always on through AI-driven workflows
  • Driving new forms of business value by unlocking capabilities and offerings for new customer segments

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Unlocking end-to-end digital fulfillment

Customers now expect more from their purchasing experience. Exceeding these expectations could require an agile supply value chain—one made possible through digital supply networks.

Embracing disruptive technologies

Synchronized planning and fulfillment is enabled by disruptive technologies that provide the computing power, insights, and capabilities required for continuous collaboration.

  • Cloud computing: provides the computational power necessary to efficiently drive the digital fulfillment process
  • Artificial intelligence: simplifies tactical planning and automates decision making by using pattern recognition and algorithms to interpret data and translate it into real-time insights
  • Internet of Things: drives improvements in digital fulfillment by using embedded smart sensors in various devices to transform data into insights
  • Robotics: drive the automatic completion of tasks based on specific directions by both virtual and physical robotics, including robotic process automation

How Deloitte can help

Deloitte’s Planning and Fulfillment practice offers leading-class experience and technological innovation capabilities that help senior executives—including chief operating officer, chief financial officer, and supply chain leaders—identify and realize new value from their supply networks. Our operational know-how, digital technologies, advanced analytics capabilities, and industry-specific hybrid solutions help businesses create more efficient, flexible, and responsive value chains. Additionally, we help improve operations, product, and material flow across the breadth of the value chain to create greater supply network synergy and value. Here’s how we do it:

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