Bridging the digital divide

CMOs: Are you ready for the challenge?

​Deloitte and ExactTarget examine how CMOs can rise to meet five expanding expectations as they build customer-centric organizations.

CMOs are going through a rapid transformation. Increasingly, CMOs are asked to be more than proficient marketers, but also to act as the stewards of the customer within their organizations, building bridges across functions to enable customer engagement. It’s the CMO’s job to lead the dismantling of silos that separate web, call centers, mobile and in-store channels to create the consistent, personalized experience that today’s technology-empowered customers demand.

A spearhead for actionable customer insights via analytics, the CMO is at the center of proving marketing ROI, innovating digital interactions and launching new technologies that create enterprisewide customer transparency.

This report outlines five expectations that today’s CMOs should meet as they build customer-centric organizations. These findings reveal clues that you can consider to chart your own path toward building an organization that cultivates profitable, lasting customer relationships.

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