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Leading into the future

Manufacturers in the industrial products sector face their own unique business issues. Lower government infrastructure spending and increasing global competition challenge revenues. Meanwhile, higher component costs and more stringent regulations place added pressure on the bottom line. Despite these challenges, manufacturers must push forward, innovating their products and services to accommodate increasingly technical and robust customer requirements. The Industrial Products team at Deloitte understands these modern manufacturing realities. We offer the strategic, financial, operational, human capital and IT solutions our clients need to lead – both today and into the future.

Low-carbon industrial hubs

As the need for decarbonization technology grows, hard-to-abate sectors can accelerate emissions reduction through strategic participation in emerging low-carbon industrial hubs.

The Smart Factory @ Wichita

Believers Made Here – that is the official tagline of The Smart Factory @ Wichita, where we will convene an Ecosystem of market leaders across the Smart Operations spectrum to solve the toughest manufacturing challenges and offer turnkey solutions to accelerate organizations’ digital transformations. The Ecosystem’s shared mission will be brought to life at our purpose-driven experience center, which is built with sustainability, philanthropy, community, and customer experience at the top of mind. Check out our website to learn more about The Smart Factory @ Wichita!

Human Capital Trends 2021: An Energy, Resources & Industrials (ER&I) Perspective

The 2021 Human Capital Trends report explores the journey from “survive to thrive” by identifying five critical trends from our 2020 report and further exploring how organizations can bring out the human strengths that make thriving possible.

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The Future of Energy: Scenarios in focus

By 2035, organizations in every industry will be dealing with a vastly different energy landscape. What will that future of energy look like? We found plenty of uncertainties, but four scenarios clearly emerged based on our research. Intrigued?

Tech Trends 2021: An Energy, Resources & Industrials perspective

The technologies that enhance our organizations are more powerful and essential than ever. Forward-thinking organizations, including those within IP&C and OG&C, understand the technological forces that surround them and look for ways to harness new ideas and technology for the benefit of customers and society alike.

Take 5: 5G in manufacturing

Ben Dollar and Rob Kasegrande, leaders from Deloitte’s 5G and Edge Computing practice, share their perspectives on five key questions around 5G in manufacturing and discuss how 5G will transform the manufacturing industry.

Shift the risk of outsourcing: Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT): Scale with the BOT business model

A hybrid between traditional outsourcing and the development of in-house capabilities, build-operate-transfer (BOT) service delivery models can enable companies to set up, stabilize, and transform service delivery capabilities more easily while maintaining control and not sacrificing return on value or time to maturity. Learn more about BOTs, what makes them successful, and where to start.


Read our latest byline in Aviation Today

"Opinion: Innovating Aerospace Manufacturing, Maintenance, and Mobility with Cloud Edge," by Myke Miller, managing director and dean of the Deloitte Cloud Institute, Mahadev Satyanarayanan (Satya), the Carnegie Group University Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and Deloitte Cloud Institute Fellow, and Diana Kearns-Manolatos, senior manager, Deloitte Center for Integrated Research.

Deloitte's 2020 Global Blockchain Survey

Leaders no longer consider blockchain technology groundbreaking and merely promising. Deloitte’s 2020 Global Blockchain Survey polled a sample of nearly 1,500 senior executives and suggests that initial doubts about blockchain’s usefulness are fading as business leaders now see it as integral to organizational innovation. As a result, they are putting money and resources behind the technology in more meaningful and tangible ways.

2020 Manufacturing Industry Outlook

Manufacturers this year are likely to double down on their core business and creatively address supply challenges amid trade tensions, according to our 2020 Manufacturing Industry Outlook. 

2019 Deloitte and MAPI Smart Factory Study: Capturing value through the digital journey

This report provides insights into how manufacturers are pursuing smart factory initiatives to drive business impact.

Fighting for the future

The future demands a broader, more agile military workforce

New threats and new technologies are changing the future of conflict. To be ready for an uncertain future, the military needs an open and agile workforce.


As digital technologies, generational changes, and other challenges disrupt manufacturing, reimagining the shop floor and the warehouse becomes essential. Discover how ShopFloorNEXT from Deloitte combines mobile devices, iOS functionality, the SAP S/4HANA® digital core ERP, machine learning, and IoT to help you transform operations. Watch this video to find out how ShopFloorNEXT can give your workers access to real-time, secure production data anytime, anywhere—all delivered through an intuitive app. Learn how the solution can help you increase efficiencies, enhance quality, boost safety, and improve the worker experience.

The future of work in manufacturing

What will jobs look like in the digital era?

Job rules and the nature of work are changing in what’s called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We examine what future manufacturing jobs will be like in the digital era.

Services and solutions

Our practitioners possess deep competencies within each manufacturing segment and also leverage common skills and knowledge across the entire manufacturing portfolio. This approach enables us to tailor our solutions within each manufacturing industry segment, where needed, to maximize client relevance and impact and to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Business Strategy & Management: Corporate strategy and profitable growth; Pricing strategy/management; Branding strategy; Innovation; Enterprise model design; Strategic enterprise cost management; Outsourcing and shared services strategy; Finance transformation; Enterprise risk and governance.

Customer Engagement: Customer experience transformation; Service transformation; Sales and marketing strategy; Incentives strategy; Pricing strategy; Warranties; Aftermarket support; Dealer/distributor management.

Mergers & Acquisitions and Restructuring: Due-diligence; Private Equity transactions; Acquisitions; Carve-outs; Turnarounds and restructuring; Integration strategy and execution; Business valuation and modeling; M&A capability development.

Product Development & Innovation: Product development transformation; Lean engineering; Value engineering; Product Lifecycle Management; Product data management.

Supply Chain & Operations: Manufacturing and supply chain transformation; Product planning, forecasting and scheduling; Procurement and spend management; Internal operations and performance management; Logistics and distribution strategy; Location strategy.

CIO Services: IT strategy and transformation; IT cost reduction; Governance and decision rights; Data center and infrastructure optimization; IT outsourcing, Application strategy and rationalization; Digital, social and cloud strategy; Business intelligence strategy, Data management and analytics; Enterprise ERP implementations and upgrades.

CHRO Services: HR technology strategy and implementation; HR transformation strategy and implementation; HR shared services; Human capital outsourcing; Talent operations; Performance management and recognition; Rewards and risk strategy; Compensation strategy; Workforce analytics.

Latest insights

An industrial manufacturing perspective: Tech Trends 2019

How can industrial manufacturers keep pace in a quickly evolving industry? By tackling transformation head-on and embracing change. As technology trends reshape how value is delivered to customers, leaders can pull ahead of the competition by adopting strategic and operational transformations and reimagining what it means to operate in a digitally-driven global economy.

The Industry 4.0 paradox

Deloitte’s research on how companies are investing in Industry 4.0 to enable digital transformation revealed paradoxes in several areas, including strategy, supply chain, talent, and investment.


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Deloitte Catalyst accelerates innovation and growth with the world’s largest enterprises and disruptive startups, delivering end-to-end solutions that transform how businesses lead the world of tomorrow, today.


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