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Deloitte and Upskill Strategic Alliance

Connecting the hands-on workforce

Industry 4.0 is driving massive investment in technology infrastructure. Deloitte and Upskill (formerly APX Labs) are working together to lead the way in wearable solutions and extend the benefits of smart glasses to the business, with a proven, enterprise-ready and flexible platform that maximizes value and future-proofs your investments.

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Deloitte and Upskill strategic alliance

The strategic alliance between Deloitte and Upskill (formerly APX Labs) combines Deloitte's leadership in consulting services with Upskill's Skylight software products–a platform companies can use to create smart glasses applications. Skylight powers smart glasses and other wearable devices for use across manufacturing, field services, and logistics to measurably and immediately improve productivity, quality, safety, utilization, and compliance.

With Skylight, we help our customers arm front–line workers who need to keep their eyes and hands on their equipment with access to information using smart glasses and other devices. The result is immediate and measurable improvement in productivity, quality and compliance.


Improve operational performance:

  • Provides access to data within a worker's line of sight
  • Reduces latency and costs of paper–based processes
  • Connects workers, both on location and remotely
  • Easily captures tasks for compliance
  • Documents procedures for root–case analysis
  • Improves quality on processes at scale
  • Integrates with existing systems and data sets

Increase workforce Value:

  • Enables capture and storage of procedures and tasks
  • Provides access of recorded trainings and tutorials
  • Facilitates on–the–job training and cross–training
  • Retains tribal knowledge from seasoned staff
  • Rapidly trains new workers for skilled or complex jobs
  • Improves workforce utilization across the workload

Scales with business:

  • Configurable and extensible software platform
  • Allows for multiple new use cases across business
  • Supports multiple device models to address needs
  • Future–proofs hardware investments
  • Conserves IT resources as projects expand
  • Lowers total cost of ownership over time

For more information, please contact our Upskill alliance leaders:

Joe Fitzgerald
Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP
+1 415 783 6817

Joseph is a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP and a leader in the firm's Supply Chain practice focused on high-tech supply chain strategy, product development, and manufacturing.

Joseph leads Deloitte's supply chain innovation offering including product design analytics, advanced manufacturing, and robotics. He has experience developing and implementing supply chain solutions from the factory floor to planning, procurement, product development, and service. He has also helped clients improve engineering efficiency and service effectiveness in the high-tech, telecom, and medical device industries. Joseph establishes strategic partnerships in wearables space, builds market presence, and provides leadership for enterprise wearables strategy and tech projects.

Joseph's consulting specialty is derived from 10 years of management and engineering experience in the semiconductor equipment industry, electronic materials science research, and high tech manufacturing.

Prashanth Jayaraman
Manager | Deloitte Consulting LLP
+1 214 840 1156

Prashanth is a manager with Deloitte Consulting LLP in Deloitte Digital's Internet of Things (IoT) practice focused on digital strategy and implementation of industrial IoT and augmented reality solutions. At Deloitte, Prashanth has led cross functional and distributed teams to build enterprise mobile applications and wearable technology solutions using agile methodology and tools. His recent experience includes working with manufacturing, and with logistics and distribution clients to improve the efficiency of product development and enhance maintenance operations respectively using smart glass technologies.

Prashanth has nearly nine years of experience in innovation management, product development, and operations gained through diverse roles at Deloitte Digital, Deloitte Consulting Innovation as well as prior consulting experience advising leading telecommunication service providers and (Multiple System Operator) MSOs in the United States.