Global Trade Advisory Services

​Effective management of global trade decisions and obligations is of strategic significance to a company’s global supply chain. Deloitte has a market leading, worldwide network of Global Trade Advisory specialists experienced in global trade strategy, automation, export controls, and import/export compliance. Our professionals assist and provide advice on structuring global transactions to reduce customs duty payments and other international trade costs, increase duty recoveries, and more.

​Export Controls

Deloitte’s market leading Global Trade Advisory practice includes a multidisciplinary, multilingual team of  export control consultants, ex-government officials, and industry specialists, combining years of experience in global export controls. Our professionals are experienced in US export controls and extraterritorial restrictions, as well as local and regional export regulations. Deloitte has a strong reputation for its knowledge in encryption controls and leads international thought-leadership activities in this field. Our export control professionals work with clients to review current compliance processes, conduct large scale, multi-country classification projects, provide training, develop or enhance existing compliance programs, and implement automated solutions to support internal controls. Our export compliance professionals specialize in both dual-use and military controls.

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​Automating Global Trade

Most business units within today’s multinational companies are keenly focused on cost reduction, process efficiency, and exploring cash savings opportunities. No group is exempt, including the trade group. If your company faces challenges to changing, or even assessing, your trade automation situation, think about how much easier it might be with the help of a professional service provider that combines world-class systems consulting and specialized global trade and tax knowledge.

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​Trade Diagnostic

Deloitte’s Global Trade Diagnostic can be the platform for change that helps you analyze cost savings opportunities and makes your trade processes and resources more efficient. In collaboration with your trade team, Deloitte's Global Trade Advisory professionals can help assess your supply chain efficiency and help you evaluate your company’s overall competitive position.

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​Trade Compliance and Controversy Services

Companies are facing an increasing number of compliance requirements imposed by the countries in which they operate, as well as more rigorous enforcement by tax and trade authorities. Deloitte offers efficient, cost-effective Global Trade Advisory compliance services, including co-sourcing and outsourcing options. We help companies manage risk and provide more timely and transparent reporting through the application of technology-based solutions. This approach improves data management and determines data integrity and accuracy. When controversies arise, Deloitte provides audit assistance, representation, before tax and trade authorities, advisory opinions, and reports.

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Deloitte’s Global Trade team includes individuals with backgrounds as lawyers, accountants, auditors, customs brokers, economists, former government officials, and industry specialists. We advise companies on both fiscal and non-fiscal regulations to help them avoid additional duties, taxes, and penalties related to non-compliance, as well as consequences like complete import or export stops (e.g., REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals), Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism,  Authorized Economic Operator, and others). Our professionals help companies with a variety of global trade related needs, such as post-merger integration, by tracking duty risks and  tax planning opportunities and in helping to reconcile and determine consistent support for what is an “arm’s length” or “fair” value for both customs valuation and transfer pricing purposes.

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Value Chain Alignment

Companies are looking for a sustainable competitive edge. Deloitte’s Value Chain Alignment professionals work as part of an integrated team consisting of Consulting, Enterprise Risk, Tax, and Global Trade specialists. We focus on removing avoidable costs from global trade transactions while addressing compliance with the myriad of trade regulations around the world. Deloitte’s approach to enhancing business models and supply chains considers both import and export requirements, which helps companies to avoid incremental duty/trade costs and/or supply chain interruption. It also affords companies an opportunity to enhance their global trade processes and to gain a sustainable competitive edge through increased efficiency.

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Tax Management Consulting (TMC)

Deloitte provides companies and public bodies with support and advice on global trade technology solutions for Tax accounting and reporting. We deliver tailored solutions to clients through centrally led, global teams that consist of Information Technology consultants, with backgrounds as economists, former government officials, lawyers and industry specialists. We assist businesses with vendor selection to assess and identify recommended solutions; blueprinting of global trade processes; functional and technical executions; integration of the trade solutions with various ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, AS400, and others); and post-launch application support.

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Managed Trade Services

The complexity of global supply chain structures and lack of trained staff are a real challenge for organizations’ trade operations. Activities like import/export classification Free Trade Agreements (FTA) management and required party screening are crucial trade compliance and duty optimization tasks. These activities require a global scale approach with local seasoning; for many organizations this combination may be difficult to achieve on a real-time basis. Our global footprint with three Centers of Excellence (Americas, EMEA, and APAC) provides a comprehensive approach to outsourcing tariff classification, FTA, and screening activities for organizations, whatever their size. With dedicated GTA teams across the globe, use of innovative tools (such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation), and low-cost Global Delivery Centers, Deloitte provides professional services with the required level of local, global, and industry experience to provide unparalleled, round-the-clock, cost-effective managed trade. Outsourcing yields quantifiable savings and helps speed international supply chain operations by streamlining processes, making them more efficient and effective. Organizations that understand the power of global trade can create a strategic advantage and better serve their customers by outsourcing trade operations. For organizations looking to uncover cost savings while driving operational improvement, outsourcing global trade processes is the solution.

Transactional services, due diligence, post-merger integration, separation

Due to the complex global footprint of most companies today, global trade operations and compliance are of strategic importance during all facets of mergers and acquisitions including post-merger integration (PMI) and divestiture efforts for all companies importing or exporting goods, technologies, or services. From the early stages of the corporate transactional circle it is important to consider the target’s global trade position and function. Failure to do so could lead to the potential acquisition of liability with the target company/assets. It is critical to understand not only the potential exposure of the target, but also the people process and technology of the target’s global trade management function.

Decisions on legal entity structure, supply chain, sourcing, and the structuring of transactions in the planning phase of PMI and divestitures projects that are not analyzed from a global trade perspective can have unintended consequences on companies’ compliance as well as companies’ ability to effectively move products across borders to global markets and maintain revenue continuity. Adding complexity to integration planning, companies face diverse local and global trade and other government agency regulations, including compliance requirements impacting operational decisions, costs, and timelines market. Therefore, it is critical to understand the current and future state of global trade requirements as early as possible, to allow sufficient lead time to address the relevant global requirements, which can include import and export licenses and registrations, participating government agency requirements, and supply chain security certifications among others. It is critical to understand the current and future state of global trade requirements in PMI or divestiture projects as early as possible, to allow sufficient lead time to address requirements and to enable continuity of import and export activities.

Realize the power of global trade automation

Cost reduction, process efficiency, and exploring cash savings opportunities dominate the agendas of many multinational companies. No company is exempt from these pressures, and trade groups are no exception. However, not all multinationals regularly review their global trade management options to determine whether they are effectively using automation to optimize cross-border operations and making an impact on the company’s bottom line. Deloitte continues to be a market leader for innovative trade technologies that help companies to solve issues pertaining to global business operations. Global trade automation is no exception to this innovative technology.

Thriving amid trade disruption in the Americas

In the report, Deloitte’s Americas Global Trade Advisory team addresses the challenges importers and exporters face across the Americas region and explores the value of embracing automated solutions to help manage disruption in the trade compliance environment.

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Helen Cousineau

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Kristine Dozier

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Suzanne Y. Kao

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