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Risk and Resilience Services for the Family Office

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For family offices and the families they serve, three areas of risk are of special concern today: cyber, fraud, and organizational and operational risks. Deloitte’s portfolio of family office risk and resilience services not only help protect and preserve a high net worth family’s wealth and reputation, but they also help family offices identify and develop risk-related opportunities for value creation.

Antifraud services

Family office fraud doesn’t make it to the public eye often, but it happens. The proximity to an ultra-high net worth family’s finances and investments can prove irresistible, especially in a family office where a single employee often has significant control over financial activities and family communications.

Acknowledging fraud risk, training family members and family office employees about fraudulent behaviors, establishing proper policies and procedures, performing periodic fraud risk assessments, and segregating duties are all vital steps in fraud prevention, deterrence, and detection.

Deloitte helps family offices put in place effective controls, including fraud risk assessments, control environments, antifraud control activities, communications, and activity monitoring.

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Audits and assessments to address organizational and operational risks

Risk management is a key objective of family offices, but the specific approach depends on many factors, including the size of the office, experience of its personnel, and degree of sophistication. A sound risk management framework, bolstered by effective internal controls, is imperative to address the spectrum of organizational and operational risks.

Internal controls can help guard against specific risks and promote a variety of family office objectives, not only building the family’s confidence in overall operations but also improving the accuracy of financial information used to manage wealth and make important decisions.

Deloitte’s Audits & Assessments Risk services help family office executives understand and prioritize process and operational risks for family members, the family office, and the entities it serves; design and implement risk management solutions; and assist with ongoing management and improvement of the programs.

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Cyber risk services

In the digital era, family offices and the ultra-high net worth families they serve face many areas of potential cyber risk exposure. A single slip, and suddenly the very carefully guarded privacy, security, and even safety of the family, its businesses, and the family office may be in jeopardy.

The threat isn’t hypothetical—it’s very real, personal, and imminent. The urgent question is how can family office executives take meaningful action to address cyber risk before it becomes a problem?

Deloitte assists family offices in the design and implementation of cyber risk management solutions, from strategy and governance and risk-prioritized controls, to the ability and resources to identify harmful behavior, to incident planning, response, and recovery.

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While death and taxes are inevitable, their consequences do not need to be a surprise. Family offices are in a unique position to prepare their organization and the families they serve to plan for the inevitable.

Explore the wealth transfer planning strategies that family offices must use to prepare the high net worth families they serve for the death of a principal.

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