Private Wealth

Sustain, enhance, and protect your wealth

Deloitte’s committed team builds client service relationships that span decades and generations by providing innovative solutions to address our clients’ ever-evolving needs and circumstances. We are highly valued as trusted private wealth advisers with deep knowledge, broad experience, and a large domestic and global network of professionals to leverage as our clients’ goals change.

How Deloitte can help

Deloitte has been discreetly serving high net worth individuals, families, and their enterprises for more than 100 years. As a trusted advisor to many of the world’s most affluent families, family offices, and private trust companies, we bring significant experience and integrated service capabilities to our clients. We deliver a global network of resources and a world-class level of knowledge and experience tailored to each family’s unique and personal circumstances.

Our experience in this specialized field informs us that clients like you expect service providers to bring to the table a team of professionals with relevant experiences and perspective. One of the valuable benefits we can bring to you is our experience working with clients of similar stature, complexity, and issues. Our goal is to leverage the deep experiences of our professionals to advise you and your family for generations to come.

Whether you are growing or selling your business, considering what assets you want to pass to future generations and charities, or evaluating the creation of a family office, we will share our knowledge and experiences so that you can feel educated and confident in the decisions you make to secure the legacy of your family.​

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Relationships that span generations

Tax and wealth planning doesn’t stop with one individual’s or enterprise’s lifetime. We work with families using a life-cycle approach that can help clients navigate financial and tax planning opportunities wherever they are in life. Many of our client service relationships begin with a business owned and operated by a family. In many cases, the owners may choose to transfer interests in the business to trusts for the benefit of family members, or to family members themselves. To the extent that a family sells the business and there is a liquidity event or there is excess wealth available for investment, we frequently work with families to establish a family office or private trust company. In addition, we work with families to implement wealth transfer strategies and assist in the development of philanthropic structures. We have earned the trust of many generations within a family, and recognize that each generation’s goals and objectives may be different than the last. However, we work closely with each generation to understand and help them pursue their goals.

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Innovation and transformation

The regulatory and business environments change quickly, and our clients expect advice that keeps them ahead of these changes. Our teams do this by applying cutting edge policy, regulatory and technology insights to our clients’ personal circumstances. Many businesses, family offices, and private trust companies are expected to do more with fewer resources, while still providing exceptional service to their clients and investors. As such, we work closely with organizations to assess current reporting processes and evaluate whether technology is being used effectively to gather data from multiple sources, prepare investor reporting statements, and to complete tax returns in an efficient and timely manner.

In addition, as organizations experience life cycle events and hire new executives, many individuals have found our Executive Transition Labs to be critical to their success, as the new executive develops a 180 day plan to help them prioritize their initial objectives.

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National and global network

Our clients tend to have a global outlook on their business and investment interests. It is important that external advisers are capable of delivering integrated, multijurisdictional, cross-disciplinary services. Deloitte’s network of member firms has a global reach that allows us to provide services to clients in the US market and abroad to address the complex tax-related issues of the global market, including but not limited to individual, gift and estate planning for individuals across the globe, FATCA, CRS, corporate fiduciary outsourcing in foreign jurisdictions, and multistate resources.

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Deep technical knowledge

Numerous opportunities exist to help individuals and enterprises efficiently structure businesses and investments, but there’s no solution that’s right for everyone. Our Washington National Tax Group is central to our team’s current knowledge and deep experience in evaluating considerations and alternatives in the midst of the ever-changing rules and regulations. Additionally, we bring years of experience to guide our clients through complex specialized areas such as tax controversy, estate and gift taxes, and unique assets, including art and private aircraft. Our client services teams include individuals with broad backgrounds who can address our clients’ complex individual, trust, and entity questions that are encountered as their wealth evolves and new investments are made.

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