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Digital ecosystems in telecom, media, and entertainment

Establish trust in interdependent ecosystems

Digital is reshaping and converging technology, media, and telecom (TMT) businesses and forcing constant reevaluation of business models. With the emergence of complex digital business ecosystems there are equally complex risks that need to be understood and managed. Trust has become a key foundational currency for both consumers and businesses participating in these digital ecosystems. How can TMT organizations effectively manage risk, establish trust in extended enterprise models, and move forward confidently?

TMT organizations are navigating which ecosystems to join and what part to play

Understanding the digital ecosystem can illuminate and clarify both deep challenges and extraordinary potential opportunities. In today’s global business environment, no company is an island. In fact, most TMT organizations use hundreds if not thousands of suppliers to meet business objectives. Where will your organization create and extract value across the digital ecosystem?

Building trust and managing risk in the digital ecosystem maximizes business value

As the ecosystem evolves, the partnerships and relationships that TMT organizations orchestrate today will have long-term implications for brand value, customer engagement, strategic development, and operational agility. Leaders should have a solid understanding of the risks and regular risk assessments to quantify how vulnerable they are within the ecosystem to organizational and external threats. In evaluating risk, companies must consider customers as well.

Trust means consumers will purchase and download your content, it means they’re confident that payment systems secure personal data. Trust underpins platform resilience and supply chain delivery. For ecosystems to succeed, organizations need to value these new partnerships, companies must work to gain and keep trust at every interaction.

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ice and connected blue dots

The Deloitte difference

We have performed significant research across ecosystems to understand how they perform and the underlying structural risks that need to be managed. We bring not only ingrained industry expertise, but also the diverse skills that are needed: scenario planning, valuations, data measurement and verification, security and privacy, revenue assurance, supply chain and operations, crises management, and resiliency.

Are you ready to talk trust as a competitive imperative in the digital ecosystem?

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