Digital transformation for telecom operators

Adapting to a customer-centric, mobile-first world

Together with Facebook and Rogers Communications, Deloitte has analyzed how telecom operators can embrace an array of online tools and people-based platforms to meet rising customer expectations and transform into more customer-centric organizations.

Transforming in a customer-centric, mobile-first world

The rapid growth and use of smartphones has changed customer behavior and their expectations interacting with different business providers. Embracing ‘over the top’ (OTT) services such as instant messaging platforms offers one such mechanism to engage with customers in a fast and convenient manner.

This paper discusses how Rogers Communications has adopted an array of online tools, apps and people-based platforms, such as Facebook Messenger service, to meet rising customer expectations and transform into a more customer-centric organization.

Key findings

  • Operators need to adapt to consumers new on-demand expectations
  • OTT messaging services can help operators with changing customer behavior
  • Rogers had received 70,000 customer interactions on Facebook by Dec 2015 — contributing to a 13 percent decline in call centre volumes
  • The low cost and high familiarity of these channels enables simple test and learn prototyping

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