A tech-savvy workforce with Deloitte's Catherine Bannister

Sharpening the focus of tech ethics in a large, global organization

It’s not just AI. It’s not just for engineers. And it’s not a right-or-wrong binary. Tech ethics is for everybody. It’s multidisciplinary, it’s multifaceted, and most importantly, it needs diverse perspectives to flourish. In this episode of Solving for Tech Ethics™, Catherine Bannister, retired US leader of Technology Trust Ethics at Deloitte, shares her breakthroughs and challenges bringing tech ethics into focus for a global enterprise amid the emergence of evolving technologies ranging from digital, to the cloud, to AI.

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Solving for Tech Ethics Episode 3: A tech-savvy workforce with Deloitte's Catherine Bannister

Embodying all the characteristics of a tech savvy-institution means engaging everyone in your organization, from technologists to engineers to designers, on the fundamental ethical questions and considerations surrounding technology. It also means keeping an open mind to diverse perspectives. So, what can organizations looking to approach technology ethically do to ensure equitable outcomes, even as their tech solutions continue to develop at an unprecedented pace? And how can firmwide strategies be refocused to address the challenges and misconceptions that accompany solving for tech ethics? In episode three of Solving for Tech Ethics, we hear from our very own Catherine Bannister, retired US leader of trustworthy and ethical technology, about her experience bringing tech ethics into greater focus for the organization to date. Don’t miss this important and engaging listen.

What success looks like at Deloitte is if all of our people fundamentally understand that they need to be thinking broader about the impact of technology, where they see the technology of their business, the technology of their industry, the technology of their clients.

Catherine Bannister, retired US leader of Technology Trust Ethics at Deloitte

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