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7 steps to building mobile apps employees will really use

Launch your enterprise mobile apps

Enterprise mobile apps can give employees the power to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. However, many companies find it difficult to develop apps that their employees will adopt. Why? Often, internal apps are developed without a clear strategy or process to ensure they are truly useful and usable. As a result, the product may end up half-baked, wasting both time and money. This perspective outlines a seven-step process to help business and technology leaders determine if an app should be created in the first place and how to improve its chances for success.

How to build effective enterprise mobile apps

Through our experience helping companies build world-class consumer mobile experiences, we have created a rigorous and effective seven-step process for developing, distributing, and supporting enterprise mobile apps.

  • Strategy and value. Understand the app’s value and have a clear goal.
  • User input. Gather early input from end users.
  • App development. Iterate quickly and follow device-specific design principles.
  • Distribution. Make the app easy to obtain and install.
  • User support. Provide robust post-release support.
  • Supporting organization. Foster a mobile-friendly culture.
  • Continuous optimization. Gather feedback and use it to make the app better.

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What’s next?

​People engage with mobile applications in very different ways than traditional applications. As such, creating effective mobile apps—and getting your employees to use them—requires a paradigm shift in development, distribution, and support.

Enterprise apps can be extremely valuable tools for companies and can ultimately improve the productivity and success of the business. The steps outlined above can help you avoid the most common pitfalls and create enterprise apps that your employees want to use, and that provide real value to the user and the company.

Get in touch with us to talk through more ways your enterprise apps can help improve efficiency, effectiveness, and even retention for your business.

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