Generating sustainable value through organization design


Sustainable value through organization design

Capitalizing on TMT trends by transforming your organization's structure

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) executives have opportunities to adjust their organizations' structures to generate value—in reaching their customers, optimizing their experiences, driving financial results, and sustaining performance. Deloitte's Organizational Value Generator (OVG) approach presents a values-based, analytics-driven framework for organizing a business for effective performance.

As sales of technology hardware (TVs, PCs, tablets, smartphones, and the like) begin to level off and the use of pay-TV and phablets (smartphone-tablet hybrids) continues to grow, how should TMT companies respond?

Solving the riddle of how to respond to consumer shifts to create a competitive advantage starts with asking three questions to define desired outcomes and transform organizational capabilities:

  • How can we make strategic organizational moves that result in cost-efficiencies and enable revenue growth opportunities?
  • What are the organizational outcomes and measures we can define to sustain the strategic value of these moves and avoid repeated restructuring efforts?
  • How can we translate these measures into everyday employee activities to achieve results?

Five guiding principles should be taken into account when a company applies the OVG framework in organization design efforts to create a direct line of sight to each value dimension:

From issue to impact: The Organization Value Generator applied


Robin Jones, principal, Deloitte Consulting

Don Miller, senior manager, Deloitte Consulting

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