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Oracle perspective: Tech Trends 2018

Oracle technologies and the symphonic enterprise

When technologies act in unison, we no longer see the enterprise vertically or horizontally. In the symphonic enterprise, the old lines become blurred, thus creating a diagonal view that illuminates new business opportunities and creative ways of solving problems.

Viewing emerging technology with a different lens

Viewing emerging technology with a different lens

The Oracle perspective: Tech Trends 2018 report explores the symphonic enterprise and what happens when strategy, technology, and operations work together, in harmony, across domains and boundaries. The Oracle perspective represents the culmination of our efforts to examine the powerful technology forces that are remaking our world and the role of Oracle technologies in this transformation. The trends we discussed in the past, such as digital, cloud, and analytics, are now embraced across industries. Meanwhile, more recent trends, such as autonomic platforms, machine intelligence, and digital reality, continue to gain momentum.

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