Oracle special edition: Tech Trends 2017

The kinetic enterprise

Over the past few years, the only constant has been change. Oracle's capabilities and Deloitte's acumen for business transformation can help enterprises harness the possibilities of technological changes. Through our collaboration we recognize familiar themes and can help organizations understand the changes under way more clearly, and respond by creating deliberate plans for turning business potential into kinetic energy.

Oracle special edition: Tech Trends 2017

This inaugural edition of Oracle Tech Trends identifies key themes that can help companies adapt to the emerging technology trends and leverage them to become more efficient, innovative, and profitable.

  • IT unbounded – The business potential of IT transformation
    While digital transformation is disrupting business, organizations can equip themselves with the tools needed to respond effectively. Unbounding IT is central to the success of an organization seeking to maintain leading technology practices.
  • Digital analytics - Crossing the chasm from traditional analytics to digital analytics
    Modern IT organizations can no longer afford to run on data silos. As part of a growing trend, IT organizations are moving higher on the maturity spectrum by leveraging digital analytics tools and processes.
  • Machine intelligence – Technology mimics human cognition to create value
    Fast-moving enterprises should leverage machine intelligence—cognitive technology systems that derive actionable insight by mining data stores—to engage with employees, to modernize the existing enterprise solution, and optimize smart and AI-enabled devices.
  • Mixed reality – Experiences get more intuitive, immersive, and empowering
    Even as we elevate mixed reality above its piece-parts of AR, VR, and IoT, the underlying technologies themselves are continuing to advance. The goal should be evolving engagement leading to new levels of customer intimacy, and creating new solutions to reshape how employees think and feel about work.
  • Inevitable architecture – Complexity gives way to simplicity and flexibility
    By transforming legacy architecture to emphasize cloud, containers, virtualized platforms, and reusability, the enterprise may be able to move broadly from managing instances to delivering outcomes.
  • Everything-as-a-service – Modernizing the core through a services lens
    While the technology to support service-oriented architectures is available today and mature, there is still the need for new thinking and for a new approach to doing business in order to achieve the potential of XaaS.
  • Blockchain: Trust economy –Taking control of digital identity
    Businesses and government are increasingly exploring the wide-ranging applicability of blockchain technology including opportunities for reducing costs, gaining operational efficiencies, and finding strategic competitive advantages. 

Deloitte's annual Tech Trends report examines the ever-evolving technology landscape. To dive deeper into this year's complete trends report and prior reports, read Deloitte's 2017 Tech Trends report.

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