Technology Infrastructure Transformation

Harness the power of strategic agility

Information Technology (IT) has outgrown its role as a back-office cost center. Business leaders today are increasingly looking to IT to support technology-enabled business strategies. Our Technology Infrastructure Transformation practice can help change the way companies run their technology infrastructure organizations. We help our clients gain increased agility and scalability, lower risk, and improve service quality.

Delivering effective technology infrastructure

Many leaders understand that yesterday’s technology infrastructure cannot withstand tomorrow’s competitive demands. They need an agile technology foundation. One that’s able to adapt to new products and business models. Scale up or down to meet demand. Harness greater computing power. Improve reliability and performance. Stand up to cyber threats and regulatory scrutiny. And more. Fulfilling these expectations requires more than technical know-how; effective technology leaders must also develop a business mindset.

How we can help

Contemporary CIOs, CTOs and COOs are taking a new approach by running their technology infrastructure as if it were a standalone business. They invest in infrastructure just like they would any business—expecting it to deliver products and services with the transparency and quality that they’ve come to expect from providers. Helping organizations achieve this shift is where Deloitte leads.

Our Technology Infrastructure Transformation practice brings together a global network of professionals with deep experience across technology, strategy, risk, financial advisory, tax, and human capital to help transform the way our clients run their technology infrastructure organizations.

Our services

We help our clients gain increased agility, lower risk, greater scalability, and improved service quality across:

  • Data center facilities, infrastructure, and automation
  • Workplace technology, messaging, voice and collaboration
  • Server, storage, mainframe, and network
  • Architecture, engineering, and operations
  • Internal and external customers and stakeholders
  • Financial metrics, operating model, sourcing, and location strategy

Ways to get more value now

Set your sights. Align technology and business leadership with
a common vision. What is your overall strategy? What is your core competency? What capabilities will the business need over the next three to five years?

Define technology needs. How could innovation disrupt or enhance the technology operation and enable new business models and outcomes? What emerging technologies are likely to challenge the status quo, changing the way you manage and govern technology?

Identify the gaps. Evaluate your current technology infrastructure. What competitive advantages does it offer the business? Where are its vulnerabilities? Where is it holding the business back?

Develop the plan. How will you fill the gap between the capabilities that the business will need to executive its strategy, and the current technology infrastructure’s capabilities? What operations should remain in-house? What could be outsourced or offshored? What are the advantages and risks? How will you manage those risks?

"Deloitte offers clients a consistently strong IT infrastructure transformation consulting portfolio across capabilities. The firm has developed an array of tools and accelerators to simplify and fast-track assessments and analysis in a targeted manner that result in in-depth recommendations, strategies, and roadmaps for key areas of an IT infrastructure transformation."


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Source: Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory; IT Infrastructure Transformation Consulting; © 2015 ALM Media Properties, LLC. Reproduced under license.

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