Courtney Sherman

Managing Director – Consulting

Courtney Sherman

1221 Avenue of the Americas

39th Floor

New York


United States


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Courtney is a New York based managing director, leads Applied Design, Deloitte Consulting’s Innovation practice. She works closely with senior leadership teams to solve growth related challenges. As an expert in human centred design, she brings the user to the forefront of an organizations’ initiatives, developing solutions that are mutually beneficial to the end user and the business. Her work often encompasses developing solutions that cross over the physical and digital environments, including innovation strategy, customer experience strategy, concept development, and innovation capability building.

Recent engagements include designing the future Patient-Provider Experience at a Fortune 100 company, design the newco of at a regional insurer; standing up the enterprise-wide customer experience capability for a top BioPharma organization. She is also an adjunct professor at Parsons in the Strategic design and Management Masters of Science program.

Courtney received both her MS and BS with honors from Cornell University.

Courtney Sherman