Chris Purpura

Managing Director | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Chris Purpura

555 Mission Street

Suite 1400

San Francisco


United States


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Chris, a managing director of Deloitte Consulting LLP, brings more than 24 years of experience in both private and public technology companies building out new markets, products, and business models focused on the enterprise middleware segment. He is also a leader within the Cloud Engineering Service Line, and a Capability Leader for API’s and hybrid integration. Chris has had a front row seat driving disruptive technology platforms into various vertical enterprise markets, including Web, Commerce, Mobile, IoT, and most recently iPaaS, API and micro-services platforms. He has been a trusted advisor to senior IT leaders as they come to grips with the rise of SaaS, Cloud, API’s and what it means for legacy environments as well as overall enterprise architecture evolution and the IT operating model.

Chris Purpura