Dj De Ray

Managing Director | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Cross Industry, Strategy and Analytics Leader

Dj De Ray

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DJ is a Digital Transformation Executive with over 25 years of experience setting up Transformed Global Operations that have yielded $1+ Bn in signed-off business impact for his clients.

As a Managing Director in Deloitte, he focuses on bringing together DataOps, Automation, AI/ML, and Analytics, in service of ambitious, high-RoI client transformation journeys.

From early in life, DJ has seen disproportionate success from the application of the philosophy of 'bringing together': people, experiences, perspectives, agendas, technical-disciplines, cross-industry best-practices, client stakeholder groups and budgets, and widely spread internal capabilities and expertise.

He has therefore intentionally cultivated a stubbornly cross-industry and cross-service-line career, having led teams and owned P&Ls across Marketing, Operations, Quality, Analytics & Business Intelligence, and Revenue Growth. Specifically to develop as wide a lens as possible of RoI positive transformation opportunities, funding mechanisms, success levers, and behaviors.

An ardent believer in the value of being able to count things, big-picture design thinking, and metric-driven success-measurement, he aligns very cosely with Deloitte's values, and the company's focus on DEI and ESG.

Of Indian descent, DJ grew up in Latin America, and returned to India later in life to complete his higher education. He has never lived in any one place for longer than 7 years at a stretch since he was born(!), and has lived and worked in India, Australia, Europe, and the US.

Currently a resident of Atlanta, DJ remains endlessly excited and passionate about the work he does, every single day.

Dj De Ray