Mike Morris

Strategy and Innovation Leader, Cyber SGO

Mike Morris

1919 North Lynn Street

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United States


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Mike Morris has over 21 years’ experience in Cybersecurity and is a Managing Director in the Cyber Strategic Growth Offering (SGO) where he serves as the Strategy and Innovation Leader. In his role, he is responsible for the oversight and implementation of a consolidated roadmap to enhance competitiveness, create new capabilities, and improve operational efficiencies. This includes identifying, strategizing, developing, and driving transformation through alliances and internal teams to determine optimal solutioning, GTM strategy, as well as aligning these outputs into existing capabilities and architectures.

In his previous roles he served as Deloitte’s US Detect and Respond Technology and Solutions Leader leading the engineering and architecture design of the world’s first modular and composable Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) platform. He came to Deloitte in 2021 through acquisition where he was the Chief Technology Officer of the cyber security firm root9B (R9B). During his time with R9B, he was the Chief Architect behind the design and integration of R9B's platforms, HUNT methodology, and execution strategy.

Mike was named one of the “Top Young Professionals” by ColoradoBiz Magazine in 2019, has led the capability development teams recognized with three Edison Awards, and has been professionally published in numerous magazines, articles, and news outlets.

Mike Morris