Peder Muller

Risk & Financial Advisory

Specialist Leader | Deloitte & Touche LLP

Peder Muller

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United States


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Peder is currently a lead blockchain architect with Deloitte & Touche LLP spearheading go-to-market strategy, innovation, and technical development. He is responsible for designing architecture of blockchain product offerings and leads a development team in coding custom-built Deloitte blockchain products. Previously at Booz Allen Hamilton, also as a blockchain architect, he led a team of developers building blockchain-based cybersecurity solutions for industrial control systems (ICS). In that capacity, he co-authored a blockchain patent for securing data on ICS. As a computer scientist with 15 years of government consultation and military experience, he has supported both commercial and governmental clients at the tactical, operational and strategic level.

Peder also has extensive experience as a cryptologic linguist serving in several positions within the intelligence community. With diverse skills encompassing distributed ledger technology, cryptocurrency, network analysis, protocol analysis, scripting, telecommunications infrastructure analysis, and project management, he delivers extensive knowledge critical to the toughest challenges.

Peder Muller