Bob Graham

Chief Risk Officer | Deloitte

Bob Graham

1700 Market Street

Suite 2700



United States


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As Chief Risk Officer of Deloitte, Bob oversees the US Risk and Regulatory Affairs environment, including Crisis Management, Confidentiality & Privacy, Regulatory Affairs, Independence & Conflicts, and Ethics & Compliance. Bob is a member of the US Executive Committee, Deloitte & Touche Security Executive Committee, and Deloitte Global Risk Executive Committee, as well as chair of the US Firm’s cross-functional Operating Risk Committee. Bob’s previous leadership roles include being the Strategic & Reputational management leader, lead client service partner for Deloitte’s Military Intelligence practice, and leader of the Federal Quality & Risk Management team. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Bob has acquired a diverse industry background and deep expertise in risk and regulatory affairs. Bob majored in accounting and holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration from LaSalle University.

Bob Graham