Todd Friedman

Audit & Assurance Partner | Real Estate

Todd Friedman

New York - National Office

30 Rockefeller Plaza

New York


United States


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Todd is an Audit & Assurance partner with Deloitte & Touche LLP, based in the New York office, leading growth in the Financial Services industry. Todd leads Deloitte’s real estate mortgage group and has 30 years of audit and M&A experience serving specialty mortgage companies, commercial and consumer lenders, loan servicers, and real estate owners. His primary focus is on serving as the lead client service partner for SEC registrants that acquire, originate, securitize, and service residential and commercial mortgages and consumer loans. Before becoming an Audit & Assurance partner, Todd was a partner in Deloitte's M&A business, primarily working on transactions in the banking sector. Todd has deep knowledge of accounting issues impacting the mortgage and finance and real estate industries, and he has overseen the services provided to many large asset-backed lenders, mortgage REITs, and real estate owners and operators.

Todd Friedman