Arrive and Thrive

Impactful practices for women in leadership

There’s a big difference between being in a position of leadership and thriving in one—especially when it comes to women leaders. Published by McGraw Hill, in collaboration with Simmons University, the Arrive and Thrive leadership book addresses persistent problems women in business face with seven actionable practices to help pave a smoother path to success.


About the book

How do you thrive as a formidable leader while combatting systemic barriers that add to the complexity of the challenges you face? The leadership book Arrive and Thrive from Deloitte’s Janet Foutty and Simmons University’s Susan MacKenty Brady and Dr. Lynn Perry Wooten, is an impactful guide for women in leadership positions.

Featuring personal stories from executives at today’s most successful organizations and a forward from Indra Nooyi, Arrive and Thrive peels back the curtain on how to overcome obstacles through intentional practices to help you flourish.

The paradigm for women for far too long has been about surviving if you’re lucky enough to arrive at the top. The 7 Impactful Practices for Arriving & Thriving enable you to thrive and, in so doing, help others flourish as well. These actionable practices include:

  1. Investing in Your Best Self: Lead from the best part of yourself―and ensure you tend to your mind, body, and spirit for continual renewal.
  2. Embracing Authenticity: With intention and ease, bring your whole self to work.
  3. Cultivating Courage: Commit to action, alongside your fear of doing so.
  4. Fostering Resilience: Keep up with the pace and intensity while overcoming setbacks and emerging stronger than before.
  5. Inspiring a Bold Vision: Enroll others in a mission that awakens their spirit and desire to create a stronger future.
  6. Creating a Healthy Team Environment: Create an environment that is supportive, collaborative, and healthy.
  7. Committing to the Work of an Inclusive Leader: Create the culture of inclusion and advancing equitable outcomes needed for high performance.

As you rise into your position of greater responsibility, risk, and reward, Arrive and Thrive offers the groundwork for making effective and fulfilling choices for yourself, your team, your industry, and your community.

Activate Arrive and Thrive in your world

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