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Identify purpose, power moves, and career traps

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The great resignation has been a hot topic. Millions of people are quitting their jobs or plan to do so soon. Why is this happening? Well, living through a pandemic can change your perspective on work and life. For many, the pandemic revealed their true priorities and now they’re pursuing jobs that better align with their values and their purpose. However, it shouldn’t take a pandemic to help you build a meaningful career. There are things we can all do to discover our purpose, define our values, and derive meaning from the work that we do.

On this episode, Deloitte chief well-being officer Jen Fisher talks with Lauren McGoodwin, founder and CEO of Career Contessa, author of the book, Power Moves: How Women Can Pivot, Reboot, and Build a Career of Purpose, and cohost of the of Career Contessa podcast.

What I really notice is…the people who were fulfilled in their jobs and who were designing careers that were based around what they wanted and on their own terms is they were daily practitioners of Power Moves. They didn’t just make drastic moves every once in a while. It was the daily things. Really, that means that a lot of their actions were stemmed in being very proactive versus reactive.

- Lauren McGoodwin, author of Power Moves: How Women Can Pivot, Reboot, and Build a Career of Purpose

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