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Our Deloitte Consumer leaders use proprietary data, judgement, and experience across all sectors and markets to help brands get closer to consumers and create winning strategies for the near future. Meet our US Consumer leaders below.

Seema Pajula

US Consumer Industry leader | US Industries & Insights leader

Tel: +1 312 486 1662

Seema is a managing partner and serves as vice chairman and US Industries and Insights leader for Deloitte LLP, overseeing the Deloitte US Firms’ work across all industries. Seema also serves as the national industry leader for the US Consumer practice, which comprises retail, consumer products, transportation, hospitality and services, and automotive.

Karen Bowman

US Automotive leader | US Transportation, Hospitality & Services co-lead

Tel: +1 513 929 3372

Karen is the US leader for the Automotive industry and US co-leader for the Transportation, Hospitality & Services industry for Deloitte LLP. She has more than 25 years of professional and consulting experience across a broad range of consumer business industries and in global human resources.

Eileen Crowley

US Transportation, Hospitality & Services co-lead

Tel: +1 203 708 4199

Eileen leads Deloitte & Touche LLP’s US Audit & Assurance Transportation, Hospitality & Services practice. She has a history of serving large, complex multinational companies on Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting matters, mergers and acquisitions, information technology, and capital transactions.

Barb Renner

US Consumer Products leader

Tel: +1 612 397 4705

Barb is vice chairman and the US Consumer Products leader, Deloitte LLP. In her leadership role, Barb works directly with consumer and industrial product clients, focusing on their regulatory environment, supply chain, technology and processes, and other issues and opportunities.

Rod Sides

US Retail, Wholesale & Distribution leader

Tel: +1 704 887 1505

Rod is vice chairman, Deloitte LLP, and leads the US Retail & Distribution practice. He is responsible for driving key sector initiatives that include original research, talent development, and strategies that guide retailers as they navigate uncertainty, compete globally, and improve performance and profitability.

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