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Deloitte Foundation Grants

Building inclusive STEM and accounting talent pipelines

Deloitte Foundation grants provide college scholarships to help economically disadvantaged students attend college and stay on track with their career goals.

The Deloitte Foundation continues to drive education initiatives that help develop the next generation of diverse business leaders for career success and build inclusive pipelines of future talent. In spring 2021, the Foundation awarded a $558,000 grant to provide college scholarships to graduating seniors across the Cristo Rey Network Class of 2021 to help economically disadvantaged students attend college and pursue accounting and STEM careers.

In the face of significant COVID-19 challenges, both the Deloitte Foundation and the Cristo Rey Network are developing and scaling innovative resources and tools to not only sustain, but also increase strong college enrollment and completion. The Deloitte Foundation continues to focus on supporting racially and ethnically diverse students adversely affected by COVID-19 with the goal of helping them stay on track with their college intentions to pursue majors in accounting, computer science, and data analytics.

This one-time grant from the Deloitte Foundation provides $18,000 to each of the 31 of 37 Cristo Rey Network schools that have been in operation long enough to have graduates in 2021. Each local Cristo Rey school’s college counseling team, along with school leaders, are selecting recipients (named Deloitte Foundation Scholars), who have been admitted to college and intend to pursue majors in accounting, computer science, and/or data analytics. In addition to demonstrating financial need, Deloitte Foundation Scholars must demonstrate academic and leadership excellence. Up to 93 students could be awarded scholarships to help broaden the pool of diverse accounting and STEM talent.

Deloitte Foundation awards grant to Cristo Rey network for college scholarships

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Beyond the scholarships

The grant to fund these scholarships is only one piece of the critical support offered to students to help them persist along education and career pathways.

Over the course of their four years at Cristo Rey, students have participated in a Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program that introduced them to a range of career options, including possibilities in business and STEM. Through course work and work study, students developed skills and interests in areas such as accounting, computer science, and data analytics, as well as a passion for pursuing further study and a strong foundation toward continued success in these areas.

Deloitte Foundation Scholars, along with any student enrolled in a Cristo Rey affiliated college or university, will receive individualized guidance from an alumni advisor employed at a local Cristo Rey school, as students navigate their postsecondary trajectory.

In cases where Deloitte Foundation Scholars matriculate to a Cristo Rey Network University Partner, the students have access to additional on-campus support systems for lower-income and first-generation students to help propel them along the accounting, computer science, and data analytics pathway and their career preparation journeys.

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