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Deloitte collaborates with Girls Who Code Campus program

Inspiring girls to explore careers in STEM

Deloitte is collaborating with Girls Who Code to help inspire the next generation of leaders. Through scholarships and programming, we are dedicated to providing access to STEM fields and skills necessary for the future.

Deloitte and Girls Who Code

Deloitte and Girls Who Code launched the Campus program, which is a two-week course that offers beginner and advanced courses for middle and high school girls. As a part of this collaboration, Deloitte serves as a national sponsor for Girls Who Code. Deloitte has funded 125 need-based scholarships with the majority of recipients from historically underrepresented groups.


From the classroom to the workplace

Deloitte and Girls Who Code share a commitment to make a difference so that everyone has the opportunity to succeed, from the classroom to the workplace.

At Deloitte, our vision is to promote a brand that enables us to connect with world-class talent, foster a culture of inclusion where all of our people feel like they belong, and provide opportunities for our people to grow personally and professionally, and with purpose.

Through its efforts, Girls Who Code connects girls in middle school and high school to the world of coding, and helps to give them the confidence they belong in technology fields. Working with each other and with volunteer mentors, its goal is for the girls to grow into confident, brave young women.

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Advancing women in technology

Deloitte is dedicated to being a catalyst for innovation―by identifying and exploring emerging opportunities on the edge of business and technology, as well as fostering a culture of innovation within our walls.

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Developing leaders for today and for tomorrow

Driving strength through diversity and cultivating an environment where our people can connect, belong, and grow are foundational to who we are. Deloitte is committed to recruiting, developing, and promoting a diverse workforce while providing unique opportunities in technology. Learn more about our people’s career journeys.

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