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Explore the 2021 Deloitte Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Transparency Report

Joe Ucuzoglu, Janet Foutty, and Kavitha Prabhakar

Starting the conversation

Messages from leadership and an overview of our DEI strategy and accomplishments over the past several decades

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Going beyond the data: Sharing our professionals’ stories

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Strategy for meaningful change

Over the years, we’ve continuously evolved our strategy, overcome obstacles, bridged gaps, and aligned to new ways of thinking about diversity and inclusion.

To further our mission of delivering a world-class talent experience, we are adding equity to our diversity and inclusion framework. Equity is a critical lens through which we will examine all our existing systems and processes to continue to enhance opportunities to achieve success.

We will focus our efforts across four priority areas to enact greater change and deliver lasting impact. Select a priority area below to learn more.

Moving forward together

As we begin this new year, Deloitte remains steadfast in our commitment of fulfilling our organization’s purpose and creating a lasting impact that matters for our people, our clients, and our community.

This report is an important first step on our path forward—providing transparency on our DEI data, progress to date, and goals for the future.

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