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Independence for spouses*

Important conversations between spouses

A spouse’s involvement in financial relationship reporting is critical to helping our professionals meet their independence requirements.

Independence can touch on a wide range of topics from the services provided by Deloitte right down to one’s personal finances. As a condition of employment, Deloitte professionals have to comply with certain independence requirements. Personal independence affects not only our professionals but also their spouses, spousal equivalents, and dependents because our regulators view Deloitte professionals and their spouse or spousal equivalent* as the same in many situations. Therefore, it’s important to understand your collective responsibilities and independence requirements.

View the content below and the list of common independence topics, together with your spouse/spousal equivalent.

* We define a spousal equivalent as a civil union in which the applicable law does not define the parties as spouses; a domestic partnership registered with a governmental body; a domestic partnership has been declared by the parties for joint coverage under an employer health and welfare benefit plan; or the parties hold themselves out as married.

An introduction to independence for spouses

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