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Opportunities abound

An open, inclusive, and flexible culture, combined with a wide array of growth opportunities, is helping professionals take ownership of their careers—and it fills Deloitte’s leadership pipeline with a diverse mix of high-performing professionals. Thanks in part to Inclusion, Deloitte is a place where opportunities abound and where all leaders can thrive.

No two people learn in exactly the same way. So at Deloitte, we provide a range of resources including live classrooms, team-based learning, and eLearning. Deloitte University (DU), our world-class $300 million leadership and learning center in Westlake, Texas, represents a tangible symbol of our commitment to our people’s learning.


We’ve invested a great deal to create a rich environment in which our professionals can grow. We want all our people to develop in their own way, playing to their own strengths as they hone their leadership skills. And, as a part of our Inclusion efforts, we provide our professionals with a variety of learning and networking opportunities—including exposure to leaders, sponsors, coaches, and challenging assignments—to help accelerate their careers along the way.


Emerging Leaders Development Program (ELDP)

ELDP is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary professional development program designed primarily for high-performing minority managers and senior managers to help prepare them for the next stage in their careers. ELDP uses skill-building sessions, self-assessments, 360-degree feedback, and one-on-one coaching with an external professional coach to help equip promising leaders for greater responsibility. Through the intensive learning curriculum, participants explore a variety of topics, including effective development strategies, risk-taking, building professional networks, and dealing effectively with unconscious bias in corporate America. In addition, each participant is assigned a partner, principal, or managing director mentor who commits to at least two years to help their protégées drive their own careers.

Ellen Gabriel Fellows

Named after our first women’s initiative leader, this program provides deep immersion into projects that focus on Deloitte’s organizational strategies, operations, and culture. It also exposes participants to our top leaders, giving them a better understanding of how decisions are made at the highest levels of our organization. Fellows spend their time working closely with leadership to develop recommendations on a strategic initiative and attend workshops taught in conjunction with Columbia Business School and the Institute for the Future.  

IDEA Committee

Leveraging a variety of perspectives and skillsets, the Inclusion at Deloitte Executive Action (IDEA) Committee is a unique forum for a select group of high-performing professionals from across our businesses to tackle projects that align with Inclusion’s strategic priorities. During their one-year term, participants are also provided with opportunities to expand cross-functional networks, strengthen client service and leadership skills, and build relationships with members of the Inclusion leadership team.   

Women’s Leadership Programs

Our businesses host a number of intensive programs to help prepare high-talent professionals for the next phase of their careers. Customized by level (manager, senior manager, and P/P/MD), the programs include external coaching, sponsorship, 360 feedback and focus on areas of leadership, business development, executive presence, negotiation, individual strengths, and career management. The programs have made such a positive impact that many of the participants have taken it upon themselves to “pay it forward” by sharing what they’ve learned with more junior colleagues.

CORE Leadership Program

Deloitte’s Career Opportunity Redefinition & Exploration (CORE) Leadership Program at Deloitte University helps armed forces members and veterans translate their skills, knowledge, and experiences into a business environment. Participants have access to Deloitte’s award-winning leadership development curriculum, and they can learn how to identify their unique edge and make a career choice based on their personal passions.

Career sponsorship and mentoring

External studies have shown that sponsorship can be a critical key to success and leaders frequently point to someone else – a sponsor – who took a vested interest in them and advocated on their behalf. Yet, research shows, in corporate America, minorities are less likely to have sponsors and women are under-sponsored relative to their male peers. To help address this issue, we have embedded a sponsorship component into several of our existing development programs. Program participants work closely with their sponsors to create individual development plans that will help them build networks and pursue assignments where they have the opportunity to gain the experience and skills they need to succeed. In addition to facilitating the building of sponsorship relationships, we recognize that not everyone knows how to be an effective sponsor, so we have developed and provide sponsorship training.  

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