Recapping the VMA & MSI Leadership Summit, with a Paw-some Special Guest

An inside look into the Veteran and Military-Affiliated & Military Spouse Initiative Leadership Summit with Kevin, Deloitte’s Puppy with a Purpose

On February 6, 2023, Deb Golden, Deloitte & Touche LLP US Cyber & Strategic Risk Leader, and Kevin, Deloitte’s 2nd Corporate Puppy with a Purpose, spoke with leadership from the Veteran and Military-Affiliated (VMA) community and the Military Spouse Initiative (MSI) at the VMA & MSI Leadership Summit hosted at Deloitte University. The VMA & MSI Leadership Summit provides an opportunity for Veterans, military spouses, and allies to network and hear from keynote speakers to strategize for the upcoming year. Deb and Kevin were honored to share their journey and Deloitte’s engagement in this initiative with an incredible group of leaders.

Deb and Kevin were privileged to be featured as keynote speakers (Kevin let Deb do most of the talking) along with Deloitte’s Chief Purpose Officer, Kwasi Mitchell, and the Wounded Warrior Project’s CEO, Mike Linnington. Ever passionate about advocacy to increase awareness and access, Deb and Kwasi discussed topics around mental/physical health, equity, and empowerment (to name just a few) for the many diverse communities that construct Deloitte’s inclusive environment. Deb shared her (and Kevin’s) journey and Deloitte’s involvement with the Corporate Puppy with a Purpose program, as well as the impact at Deloitte and externally with our clients and communities. Deb is Kevin’s puppy raiser, a volunteer who raises a service-dog-in-training from approximately 8-weeks-old to 14- or 16-months old. During that period, Kevin trains, travels, and lives with Deb learning over 80 commands during the course of his training. Through their numerous travels and interactions with Deloitte professionals and clients (including his attendance at the VMA & MSI Leadership Summit), Kevin gains invaluable socialization experiences, positioning him well for his future career as a service dog to a Veteran or first responder with a disability.



At Deloitte, we’re continuing to create and grow programs and initiatives that build awareness of and access to successful career pathways for our VMA community. One such initiative is our Career Opportunity Redefinition and Exploration (CORE) programming, which helps transitioning military servicemembers and Veterans gain a better understanding of their civilian career goals and helps them build skills for a successful transition to the civilian workforce. Deloitte also supports the Military Spouse Initiative, which helps foster a workplace that supports, attracts, and helps retain highly-talented military spouses through peer-to-peer programs, transition support, and career development. Deloitte and MSI provide an adaptable workplace that supports military spouse ambitions while honoring military commitments and provides opportunities for professional development and mentoring to external active and former military spouses through community calls and an annual leadership summit.

Deloitte’s sponsorship of Kevin through America’s VetDogs enables a Veteran or first responder to receive a fully-trained service dog at no cost. Deloitte is committed to raising awareness of the various challenges that Veterans and individuals with disabilities face in daily life and creating consciousness and empathy around accessibility. Kevin provides the spark to jumpstart conversations about disability, inclusion, and accessibility with our clients, professionals, and communities.

Deb and Kevin are grateful for their participation in the VMA & MSI Leadership Summit, and they look forward to continuing to assist Veterans. Deloitte, and our supporting communities, continue to be advocates for societal change and to empower others through education and awareness, ready to be the change, one puppy at a time.

Follow Kevin’s journey on Instagram (@kevinservicepup) and on Deb’s LinkedIn.


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