The best problem I ever had


The best problem I ever had

A new podcast hosted by Deb Golden

Problems. Trials. Tribulations. They can push us to our limits. It’s what we make of them and how we handle them that define us as individuals. In the best problem I ever had, host Deb Golden celebrates people who transformed adversity into advantage. Faced with unimaginable obstacles, Deb’s guests reveal the reservoirs of inner strength that sit inside all of us, guide us through life’s toughest lessons, and define the determination of the human spirit. Listen to the best problem I ever had for inspiring stories of transformation and resilience.

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Discover how adversity can be turned into an advantage

Get to know the host, Deb Golden

Imagine being a teenager and losing your mom, and then years later, walking into an emergency room, only to find out you’re minutes away from a stroke, aneurysm, or heart attack. How would those experiences change your life? For Deb Golden, Deloitte’s US Cyber & Strategic Risk leader, the loss of her mother combined with a near-death experience renewed Deb’s commitment to live a life of purpose and promise. Those experiences continue to influence every personal and professional decision and interaction she has with clients and colleagues, as well as friends and family. Now, Deb is bringing her passion, purpose, and authenticity to this new podcast and using her personal experience to forge meaningful connections with guests and listeners around diverse stories that celebrate the resilient human spirit and its defining drive to turn adversity into advantage.

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Deborah Golden
Deborah Golden

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